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Any fans of Italians Do It Better?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by filmnoirish, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Is anyone a fan of the amazing stuff released by label Italians Do It Better? Chromatics or Glass Candy and others? I've been listening to their stuff, it's mind-blowing, particularly the Chromatics and Glass Candy records, although some of the other stuff such as Bottin or Mirage .....The After Dark recommendation is a starting point for anyone interested ;) Brilliant music....Has anyone heard anything of the label and might like to give their opinions?

    I don't really mind if this thread disappears in less than an hour ;) I'm content to find anyone else that likes it ;)
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  2. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    Oh yeah, that After Dark collection was a real jolt to the system and on severe 'repeat' on my stereo. The Farah tracks were killer.
  3. I thought Italians Do It Better was a song by Alesha Dixon?

    Oh, crap, didn't read the first post!
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  4. Yes. I could consider myself a huge fan of them. They're utterly brilliant, are they not?
    After Dark was quite spectacular.
  5. Brilliant stuff. I've loved Glass Cabdy for ages and their evolution has been really good... loved the last album.
  6. Yes me! I have After Dark and well as 2 of the Chromatics' album. Not so sure about Nite Jewel. Farah's Law of Life is fab though.
  7. Huge fan!!!

    Class Candy
    and Desire (the latest release..)

    Bottin is on a label called Bear Funk and they do modern disco and are a great label too. I love his album Horror Disco!
  8. Bottin's Horror Disco is really great (all his mixtapes are amazing as well). And of course Glass Candy are incroyable!
  9. Viv


    ooo, glad you posted this
    I have some Chromatics tracks from a couple years ago, some demos and a couple others. I always mean to look into them further but I just never get around to it. No excuse now!
    It's good summer music. Like for when the sun is going down. Or walking in San Francisco at night, with all the lights...
    Nice and mood-y
  10. Yes. I love it. It's just a shame that it has to be followed by the utter shit show that is Ooh Baby I Li...

    Oh. Wait!
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  11. Great label. You can follow head honcho mike simonetti on Twitter. He's a nice fellow.
    Also Glass Candy are doing a gig at DEAF in Manchester some time in November.
  12. I'm a fan too...Italo disco is so funky and reminds me of my youth.
  13. I'm a fan of holly and the italians!
  14. I was posting all the recent IDIB releases in the Chromatics thread but found this general one which I thought I'd resurrect. The new Heaven single is like Lana on a Johnny Jewel track. The In Mirrors track is icy cool too.

    @mcuk @LE0Night @OspreyQueen @IDontKnowHer @sfmartin

  15. These were the other two recent releases which were rather good.
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  16. Big fan of Chromatics here. I’ve been endlessly waiting for Dear Tommy
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  17. Cheers for the tag! Absolute sonic bliss and yes you're right that the Heaven single sounds ALOT like Lana
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