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Any fans of Italians Do It Better?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by filmnoirish, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Looking forward to the forthcoming music videos and the physical formats (thrilled there will be both a CD and vinyl).
  2. cpr


    I'm like halfway through the compilation and I'm super impressed. My initial favorites are Higher, Cruel Summer, and Boyz R Bad. I really wish we had more than 5 Farrah tracks after 13 years but I guess that's the Italians Do It Better lifestyle.

    EDIT: okay We Were Never Lost and Tirage En Croix are incredible.
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  3. this is fantastic and i’m particularly besotted with Orion .. it’s perfect for the rainy parisian streets at night , and perfect also with Dark Hearts afterwards
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  4. cpr


    This song from Orion is one of my favorite from the label last year:

    The whole album is really great! Every listen I'm having new favorites. Johnny & co. always deliver.
  5. loveeeee After Dark 3 !!!
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  6. After Dark 3 is amazing, I think it is the best one yet.

    My favorite IDIB song this year would have to be Mothermary's "Catch Fire"
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  7. I saw Chromatics deleted all their IG posts - broken record but is Dear Tommy coming? Lol
  8. No, they cleared it about two weeks ago. I've given up hope that it'll appear this year now.
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  9. Farah scares me.
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  10. haha me too but in the best way possible
  11. New Desire single coming January 29th.

  12. I discovered Desire live on the Double Feature tour with the Chromatics, and I LOVE her, her backdrops and aesthetics are great, and the songs are good too. Thanks for posting.
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  13. Finally - I thought we were getting the Desire album last summer :(
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  16. I mean Farah covering Gang Bang. Iconic!
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  17. I'm really enjoying MOTHERMARY's latest single.

    They also announced their debut! What a great cover, I love the discreet nip slip.
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  18. Sweet, MOTHERMARY are one of my favorites. An album from them will be great.
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  19. This is so good. Visage's 'Fade To Grey' mixed with Holly Valance's 'State Of Mind'.
  20. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    This is great. They've given us so much great stuff this year. Always worth remembering that all their MP3 downloads direct from their site are only $1. I just did a catch up of 4 albums I hadn't downloaded yet = £3.05. Great way to support them even a little bit.
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