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Any suggestions on how to keep a record of concerts?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KamikazeHeart, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. I noticed that my brother had a wine journal where he could write down wine he's had, describe it, grade it etc etc. Then my friend showed me an app where he kept track of all his beers; he would document the time when he drank it, wrote a few notes on it and photographed it.

    Similarly, I got the idea that I would like to keep a concert journal but with the possibility to retrospectively note down all my past concerts., Songkick and Facebook all have features where you can attend a concert, but not really any features to document it further.

    I could buy a regular journal or set up an Excel-document I guess, but it wouldn't exactly make for much of a user experience.

    So, bottom line: does anyone here keep a journal of the concerts you've gone to? How do you do it, practically? Is there already an online community for this?

    Disclaimer: I didn't really know if to put this in the main forum or here, if a mod disagrees feel free to move it.

    (I'm guessing I might now have unleashed an app idea that is going to get stolen and make somebody else rich.)
  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I basically put all my thoughts in my journal (or Bullet Journal to be precise) so I think my concert experiences would also find their home there.

    You can make a scrapbook? Like, put photos from the said concert, concert tickets, etc.
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  3. Why not start a tumblr? There's some really beautiful themes, and you could upload your ticket/gig picture/thoughts for every entry.
  4. I use a Trello board for this. I add details like who I went with, the official concert poster(s), prices, arrange them by date and I can't stop looking. I zoomed it out a bit.

    You can add text, images, attachment, dates, etc to Trello cards. I'm also making one for merchandise
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  6. Genius. This is such a good idea, thank you!
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  7. You're welcome! Share it when you're done, would love to see how yours looks.
  8. Moleskine has a music journal with a concert section - click here

    There's also a Ticket Stub Diary (click here) but it just looks like a regular photo album with ticket designs on the cover.

    Also apparently if you paste Amazon links into a Popjustice post it automatically turns it into an ad. Bad times!
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  9. I second this. I keep all my ticket stubs so when I joined Setlist.FM in 2014 I just went back and I said I attended all the shows I had stubs for prior to then and it keeps track each show and how many times you've seen them
  10. I have the ticket from every concert I’ve been to since 1987. Or at least until they started emailing them to you. Always get them sent in the post whenever possible.
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  11. Why don't you develop an app and become a millionaire? I'm serious. If there isn't an app for this, there should be.
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