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Anybody here like Joni Mitchell?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mcuk, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. I only recently got the Blue album (which I love) and Court And Spark.
  2. Emma Thompson does, but for goodness sake do not get it her for Christmas.
  3. "The Hissing of Summer Lawns" too. But should this be at the Retirement section?
  4. Not necessarily. She is still a recording artist.

    Yep. Love the woman's music. Well, up to Hejira (my favourite of her albums). She became a bit too experimental and inconsistent for me after that. But that is a very impressive back catalogue up to Hejira, nevertheless.
  5. She released a new album last year - so probably too early to retire.

    I like some of her songs - the favourite probably being Urge for Going. I have no idea what the original meaning is, but it certainly fits to my travels from country to country.
  6. She retired in 2002 (after Travelogue), only to change her mind after about 5 years, when she returned with Shine.

    I have every album of Joni's, they're all worthwhile to some degree. Her mid-70s run is my favourite - Court & Spark through to Hejira - but I also have a huge soft spot for the 80s albums like Dog eat Dog and Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm (which is admittedly a better title than record, if I'm honest). Generally I think she's a bit of a genius.

  7. I love, love, love Case of You but haven't invested that much time in her music overall.
  8. Michelle Branch is covering one of her songs on some album that warner are releasing where artists on their label cover the label's 'big' names. I think it might be case of you
  9. Both Prince and Tori Amos have covered that song in the past.
  10. Tori's version was beautiful.
  11. debord

    debord Guest

    KD lang's version of case of you is stunning.

    I LOVE Joni. Her 70s run is of course one of the best in music history, but on a personal level i do have a huge affection for her latter day albums. Both Sides Now is one of my favourite albums. Shine was brilliant, a passionate and angry album that put artists half her age to shame.
  12. I was quite pleasantly surprised how good Shine was, as I hadn't really *got* her previous 3 albums (Taming The Tiger, Both Sides Now or Travelogue).

    Night Ride Home and Turbulent Indigo, her first albums of the 90s, would have made a fine swansong.

  13. debord

    debord Guest

    I also love Travelogue. The version of 'Chinese Cafe' on there is one of my favourite songs, ever.
  14. I thought Travelogue worked better than Both Sides Now, in terms of the orchestra thing. Or maybe she'd just become more accustomed to recording in that style with the 2nd project.

  15. Very funny. That scene is amazing isn't it?

    I agree with the assessments here. EVERY pop fan should own Court And Spark. Madonna once said it was her "Bible" for a year when she was growing up. Prince also loves Joni.

    Her most poppy record is probably Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm, in terms of what PJ fans would be into. Her duet with Peter Gabriel, My Secret Place, is an epic.

    Sadly, I did not like her last CD at all.
  16. I only have Blue, but it's a very good album. I always mean to delve into her back catalogue but never manage to find the time.
  17. That was my entry point. Spring '88. Heard that song and never looked back. It's still in my all-time Top 10 tracks. Bliss.

  18. It's a really moving song - and I love how there are moments where you cannot tell whether it's Peter or Joni singing.
  19. debord

    debord Guest

    Inspired by this thread I put all the Joni on my ipod on shuffle this morning. Bliss! She is definitely one of our best songwriters.
  20. I agree, and she is very under-rated. The fact that both Prince and Madge (amongst others)are vocal about their love for her work speaks volumes.
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