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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by stuaw, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Interior design/decorating thread named after my favourite DIY website!

    Right now, I'm trying to decide on furniture for my bedroom. Specifically, bedside tables. So, my bedroom is going to be very stark. I want white walls, with a grey feature wall behind the head of my bed. Bedsheets, etc. are all going to be very plain (i.e. white) but I'm going to be very bold with accessories and wall art. It's going to be very graphic.

    Anyway, I can't decided between this:

    And this (shelf behind the bed with pull-out storage at the side):

    What do you think?

    Are there any projects you guys are working on?
  2. My room is quite plain but I like it. I'll try and take some pictures one day.

    As for your question, I LOVE that colour on the first pic but the second one is much more functional, so ideally I'd choose the second furniture with the blue/green tone from the first picture.
  3. Apartment Therapy was the only thing that kept me going in my old job! Amazing stuff on there!
  4. The second one, definitely!
  5. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    The first one looks nice, but it's not really functional. With the exception of built-in shelves and cabinets, I like my furniture movable.
  6. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I can dream!

  7. The second one, stuaw. Definitely.
  8. A topic in Off Topic that actually interests me.

    The other night I randomly decided to paint the back wall of my bedroom. I had an idea, went and brought the paint and tape and whatnot and then spent the whole night doing it. At about 4am when I'd finished I thought 'shit this is a disaster, what the hell have I done?', it looked a mess. But when I pulled the all the masking tape off it had turned out exactly how I wanted.

  9. ^^ Ooh, I like that.

    My current interior design obsessions are Art Deco desks, anything Gothic, Oriental chairs and cabinets, and some Victorian style bits.

    I also like these things, but with the branches more twisted and a better finish on the top:

    However, I don't have any disposal income for at least 9 months and I don't really care about my current apartment. When I buy a house I think I might have to have themed rooms so all my tastes don't clash.
  10. I've just brought this for my living room wall.

  11. Beautiful. What colour is your wall?
  12. Speaking of prints, I am obsessed with society6. I really want this:

  13. White. I going to frame it with a black frame and red border.

    That Marilyn print is really nice, though these prints are always Marilyn or Audrey Hepburn. I wish there was more variety.

    I actually ending up making my own for my kitchen of Lana Turner, Barbara Stanwyck and Hedy Lamarr

  14. Cool I was hoping it was white haha. Nice contrast.
  15. I love your Barbara Stanwyck one, she is one of my absolute favorite Old Hollywood actresses. Good going on choosing subjects other than Audrey and Marilyn! Much more interesting and less generic. Those two are on every 18 year-old woman's dorm room poster in America. Or at least I gather that from the amount they have at university poster sales every year.
  16. So, I just bought Habitat Kura origami shade for my living room:


    I can't wait to hang it!

    For anyone interested, I didn't go for either of the bedside tables in my original post. The first one was too expensive, and the second one was just too big for my room. I did go for this instead, which is quite nice.

    I also decided against painting my walls grey. I couldn't find a colour I liked. I went for a teal colour instead. Still going for the graphic look with plain white bedding and two bright red pillows! Here it is:


    It looks really washed out because of the time of day and the fact that I took it on my phone, but the colour really pops in person. It's still very much a work in progress. I've since added the Ferle rug at the foot of my bed which looks great! I love it!


    Anyone got anything going on?
  17. Oh, I just bought the first pieces of art to go on my walls!

    I bought some quote prints from promopocket on etsy. He's doing a 3 for 2 sale. Here's one of the ones I got:


    I had actually thought about having an "affirmation" gallery wall in my hall, so that I'd see inspiring quotes before leaving the house for the day. But I think these three will go somewhere in my room.
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  18. I bought prints for my recently decorated bedroom! They all need frames though.




    (Mine doesn't have the signatures)

    My wall is red, so I really ideally would want black frames to set it against the wall, I think it would look sleek and stylish.
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  19. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Oh my god, I was just about to make a thread like this but call it Popjustice: At Home. Inspired by duvet-gate. Guess I was beat to the punch by over a year.

    I recently (If August is recent....) moved into a beautiful 1 bedroom apartment with my clothes, a futon, some chairs, and a TV stand. I lost most of my furniture due to a breakup / bed bugs, messy messy. So I had a lot of work to do to make it feel like home. So I did what any housepoor gay would do and made a pilgrimage to IKEA. I need to post pictures of what I'm working with so far.... any tips/advice is welcome. My last big purchase was this bad boy. Plain looking, but matches about anything.

    This will be great for bringing out my inner suburban mom.

    BUT anyone know of a good place to get cheap poster frames? I'm not about that tape the wall shit anymore. I'm thinking about just getting some plastic and a backing and making my own.
  20. Mattyjayy, I like the sofa, maybe get some bright or dynamic looking cushions to make it stand out?

    I'm looking for frames as well. I get mines from Amazon or eBay, but I don't like not being able to see them in person before deciding what to get.
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