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Apparently S Club 7 will re-unite

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Knightr634, Oct 3, 2006.


    S Club 7 To Reunite?

    Chart-topping British pop act S Club 7 are set to reform, according to former member Paul Cattermole.

    Cattermole, who split from the British pop act in 2001, has discussed the idea with his six former bandmates, and is hoping for a return to the limelight.

    He says, "I spoke to other members about it and we were all positive about the idea. It could be a possibility."

    Now considering it was from Paul - I'm highly doubting it cos he was the one that left first to persue a career in rock music (I think)

    It would be great to have them back but I just can't see it happening
  2. If it were true I'd be so happy because I'd be able to see them in concert.
  3. The ex members haven't done that well since but would they be welcolmed back into the pop fold with open arms?
  4. All of these 90s pop bands broke up for a reason -their time was up and they'd reached the end of their natural lifespan. Who the fuck really wants a reformed Take That, East 17, Five, etc? They had their moment and they should move on. Who's next: Vanilla? Buffalo G? Northern Line? Marvin and Tamara? Pop music needs new blood not past-it ex-pop-singers reliving their youth.
  5. Finally! Much more interesting than All "nice" as their new single is.

    I can't see it really happening though.
  6. As much as I love the 7, FUCK THIS! I want Tina Barrett's solo album out... and I want it now. SC7 needed to break away from Jo leads, Discotek was the best SC7 song this side of Natural, and it was left for a b-side death. Tina Barrett needs a single. She needs to expose her sex appeal, and she needs to sing!
  7. So they're already assuming Upper Street will flop so Bradley will be free?
  8. Meh, I don't really want them coming back either. They were great during their time, but I'd prefer more solo stuff from Rachel, Hannah acting, and possibly a Tina solo effort.
  9. nah, bring on more solo rachel!
  10. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    This is so obviously fake. How are they going to perform? Are Jo and Paul going to stand in the back while the rest are doing a dance routine?

    Bring back the 8 instead!
  11. *signed*
  12. I would absolutely love this as they are one of my fav groups ever (along with Girls Aloud & Spice Girls) but if it means we aren't gonna get any more Rachel stuff, then......

    Maybe one new album or 2, then the exposure they get will mean Rachel will be catapulted to amazingly amazing heights where she deserves to be.
  13. I can see it being a one-off thing for charity but not much else. S Club were always fond of doing charity singles for Children In Need so I could possibly see them doing that but I guess its a bit late for this year though.

    Milky x
  14. S Club haven't been away long enough for a revival. At this rate, we'll have bands announcing that they're getting back together the week after they split.
  15. ...or indeed the week before.

    For pop value, bring it on, the more the merrier: 2006 can be the year of the reunion (despite Spice Girls' lack of appropriate effort (so what else is new)), however, I found most S Club thingummies far too irritating to anticipate with any degree of enjoyment.
  16. Surely O'Meara wouldn't be up for it after getting stung over her solo career and saying she was quitting the business?

  17. *cough* Atomic Kitten *cough*

  18. Absolutely. We are de-evolving back into the dark ages of pop. We should move on. The only 90s pop singer I want back is Betty Boo and that's because she didn't get a chance to really show what she was capable of, hints with Girls Aloud and WigWam were good but she can do better.
  19. tommie

    tommie Guest

    Oh dear, honestly, aren't they too old now to do that S Club thing anymore? It'll be embarrassing as hell.
  20. I agree. While I see nothing wrong with a one-off concert as a nostalgia thing, I think new attemps on chart activity quite another.

    Milky x
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