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Apparently S Club 7 will re-unite

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Knightr634, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. dream on, this is probably the ONLY way there will be any more stuff from Rachel.

    i agree with Kirkland, it just shows the how much backward thinking and lack of creativity there is in the UK pop industry and media, if the best they can come up with is to reform every boy and girl band from the past decade.... i can almost hear the rumour mill clicking for a Busted reunion as i speak.

    people need to get over it and move on. the Westlife time warp apart, the era of the manufactured bands like this is pretty much over. they involve far too much investment and support from the record labels to be viable in the current climate.
  2. Rumour has it they're already filming their new series "Retirement Home 7"!
  3. I've atcually been watching Miami 7 and LA 7 recently on cbbc - looking back on it - they were really arwful at acting but when I was 12 I didn't see it
  4. I agree! Tina must release her debut album solo (but she hasn't found a record deal).

    I think it's fake: I don't think that Paul, Hannah and Tina would love to have a reunion...
  5. How irrelevant would a S Clun 7 reunion be? All their fans have grown up, and kids now don't like that kind of music.

    Besides the fact that their music has aged horribly (besides the odd gem like Dont Stop Movin etc). It would just be tragic. They got by on their shameless cheesy appeal to kids, but they're pushing on old now.

    Just irrelevant. It would totally tarnish whatever feelings of nostalgia are left. They were naff in the 90s and I can't see them shaking that tag any time soon?
  6. I've grown up and I love them more than ever.
  7. Two pop band's for Bradley then?

    I don't think so...It would be lovely, but no ;)
  8. I still love the "S" or as my sister would say "skluuub"
  9. James_20

    James_20 Guest

    It would be really cheesy but I really think that this would be really great !
  10. Hannah's in the new issue of Arena looking pretty damn hot - she doesn't look like someone who'd want to be back in S Club 7.
  11. Who would? They were shit weren't they? I never saw the point of them, genuinely couldn't understand why people liked them. I can honestly say that not one of their songs appealed to me. I couldn't even name them all.
  12. 'Don't Stop Movin'' was a great little pop tune, but it could have been sung by anybody.
  13. Steve

    Steve Guest

    They were sort of losing it towards the end anyway, weren't they? I vaguely remember their last album before the hits being the least successful of their career.

    I did quite like the S Club ballads - "Never Had A Dream Come True" and "Have You Ever" - Jo's voice is ingrained into them for me, but the other 5 or 6 are pretty unmemorable.
  14. Third best pop band ever. No two-ways about it.

    S Club - 3rd
    Spice Girls & Girls Aloud - 1st or 2nd (can never decide)

    Seeing Double is a masterpiece.
  15. Poor Rachel. Is Paul back to 'fit' or is he still 'fat'?

  16. Well, they were completely worth it if only for "Natural." Any song that samples Faure's "Pavane" is AMAZING.

    I also didn't mind "Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You" or "Don't Stop Movin'."

    But otherwise, they WERE rather kitschy.
  17. James_20

    James_20 Guest

    What is happening to the world ?
  18. Well, nuclear weapons are being used, and music is being made...
  19. I asume she's promoting her film 'career' then?

    'Seeing Double' is actually filled with disco-pop gems, and well worth a listen

    I dont want them back though. Whats the point?
  20. Nope - she's promoting her new ITV1 show Primevael, or however it's spelt. It starts in January, I think.
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