Apparently S Club 7 will re-unite


Pink Champagne

Nope - she's promoting her new ITV1 show Primevael, or however it's spelt. It starts in January, I think.

Oooh she's 'doing a Piper' Good luck Hannah
They weren't a 90s band anyway, they had their hits between June 1999 and June 2003.

Whilst I wouldn't mind an S Club comeback, it obviously would register low on the scale compared to a Steps comeback.

I love all this comeback business anyway - more pop songs, and we get to relive the good times! Brilliant!

Victor Fairbanks

Apparently Rachel Stevens has let slip that they will do a reunion tour this summer.

By WENN world entertainment news - Tuesday, September 25 11:35 am

S Club 7 are set to become the latest band to reunite after the success of reformed pop acts Take That and Spice Girls.

Former bandmember Rachel Stevens, whose solo career failed to make an impact, is envious of the success of Take That since they reformed last year and the Spice Girls, whose forthcoming reunion tour has generated massive media coverage.

And she is convinced the Bring It All Back hitmakers can follow in their footsteps.

Speaking at Vodaphone Music Awards, she says, "Pardon the pun...but bring it all back. We're all still in touch."

Stevens, Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O'Meara and Hannah Spearritt sold over two million albums during their five year career before splitting in 2004.​
Who would accept Jo after the Shilpa scandal? I can't even begin to discuss my dislike of that monster. Rachel is a pop flop and only Hannah is doing well for herself. It would have to be S Club 6.