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Apple Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jun 4, 2018.

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    Since WWDC is happening tonight I thought it would be good to have a thread to discuss all things  related.

    Will update the thread regularly with events and rumours etc
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  2. I can't wait for Britney's lead single either.
  3. I've always thought it's a shame the Mac App Store never really caught on the way it did on iOS, and so much is still centered around the browser. Every time I launch Safari, I've got about 10 pinned tabs for my regularly-used stuff and I think it would be a much nicer experience to have decent official Facebook, Twitter, YouTube apps, etc. for Mac.
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  4. I'm poor, the last iPhone I could afford was iPhone 4.
  5. kal


    I had a pretty bad overall experience at the Apple store in Berlin. I dropped my phone the other day and the screen shattered. So I booked an appointment and went to the store to get a screen replacement. Cue some guy at the entrance telling me "sit over there on that table and they'll call you" so I do and 30 minutes pass with nobody even acknowledging my existence.

    So I go over and ask another member of staff what's going on, she checks her app and sees my appointment is cancelled, but assures me that she'll take care of it and asks me to go back to the same table. 30 more minutes pass and I'm now pissed because they went through over 15 people without acknowledging me yet again. Then I went over to a different staff member and politely asked to talk to a manager. She arrived pretty swiftly and after hearing me out she assured me that such a long time is not normal and that I'd be the next one to be called.

    Lo and behold, 3 minutes later the Genius finally calls my name and takes my phone in for repair, and informs me that I need to pick it up tomorrow.

    Today I got the email telling me my phone is repaired so I went in to pick it up. This time I didn't have to wait long and the same guy who took my phone gave it back to me with a brand spanking new screen. Or so I thought. Just as I started setting up my Apple ID I noticed a scratch in the top right corner, then I started examining it and found even more scratches.

    Cue, now furious, seething kal, having just paid €310 for a "brand new" screen, walking up to the nearest staff member and showing her the issue. She was sympathetic and asked me to wait for a technician, which I did. When he came I had now been in the store nearly an hour so I wasn't gonna wait for another screen replacement and I made sure to tell the guy how dissatisfied I was. I mean, I've had better customer service in the authorized resellers in bloody Bulgaria!

    So they ended up just swapping my phone and thank fuck, because that's just about the only thing that could salvage the situation.
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  6. I was really set on the idea of getting an iPhone X this month, and more so after seeing iOS 12 and the prospect of all that brand new stuff, but I think I'll wait it out...

    They're still selling it pretty much full price where I live, and in 4 months they'll announce a new one (and probably arrive in my country in 6 months more).

    I was looking forward to changing it soon because my iPhone 6 is showing its age, typing is laggy, battery runs out kind of fast and the phone is un-usable at 10% or less. I know there's a battery replacement program but I changed mine with a 3rd party about a year ago so I don't know if I'm eligible... I really hope so! Anyone know about that kind of stuff?
  7. The rumours of new hardware are annoying me. I have an iPhone 7 Plus. It's too big for me, really, but I wanted the better camera. So this is making a "downgrade" to non-Plus model a really hard thing to digest but I think I'll have to.

    I passed on the iPhone 8 has wireless charging was basically the only difference. I passed on iPhone X because spending £1,100 on a fucking phone is ridiculous. Yes, I could do the Apple Upgrade Programme, but I also begrudge the cost of my phone being my biggest monthly expense, beside the rent!

    My work phone is an iPhone SE. Everything about it is wonderful, aside from the fact that I can't really use it for personal stuff and the camera is shit. All I want is for this one rumour to be real:

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  8. I don’t know if they will accept your phone but it’s always worth taking it to the store and asking

    They said that they won’t accept phones into the replacement battery programme that has had 3rd party repairs done to it. But I don’t know if a battery replacement done by a third party would fall into the “repair” category
  9. Sam


    Wait for the mid-tier iPhone coming in October that's basically an iPhone X but cheaper
  10. This doesn't surprise me. I've always considered the great customer service as a reason to buy Apple, but the past few years I've had nothing but bad experiences, my Apple-user friends have had nothing but bad experiences, and god knows there seems to be a new viral YouTube video every single day about the Genius bar fucking over some poor customer.

    My last MacBook lasted me more than six years and I didn't have to take it in for repair once. My new MacBook has been in for repair four times in the past twelve months, had seven or so repairs, to a
    total repair cost of £1,600 (£350 more than the value of the machine) AND IT'S STILL NOT FIXED.

    My roommate has been given a brand new MacBook replacement after £1,300 worth of repairs on the old one, and I've been told I can get a new replacement, too, but I need to give them one more shot to fix it first (if they do successfully fix it this time, it will have cost them close to £2000 to do so. I paid less than £1100 for this machine.)

    I need to update half of my devices this year (including a new mac) and all of this makes me very nervous about it.
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  11. Surprised you think the SE camera is shit! The front-facing one is, but the rear does really well for me.

    I keep checking to see if they'll update it. Perfect form factor and a third the price of the X. Yes please!
  12. How long does it take for them to replace a battery on an iPhone 6 in the apple store? And is it £25?

    Mine definitely needs replacing as I can't afford another.
  13. Sam


    I paid £25, yeah. Took them 2 hours, it's a popular service at the moment.
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  14. Did it help your phone's performance?
  15. Sam


    So much! I had an iPhone 6s, and it rarely lasted half a day until I got the battery replaced. Now it lasts all day with my Apple Watch connected. I put it on low power mode just to get it to stretch, but that doesn't affect performance at all.
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  16. The new iPhone X(S) coming this year is rumored to be a bit cheaper than the current one. And of course there's the even cheaper one @Sam de Jour mentioned which will have an LCD screen instead of the OLED. I'm also waiting for these to be revealed.
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  17. I just want a smaller iPhone. I keep thinking about getting an SE but it’s old tech now and I worry it won’t keep up further down the line. Apparently it’s unlikely any of the new versions of the X will be SE sized but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
  18. Sam


    I mean, the SE 2 is coming this autumn, and there have been leaks of screen protectors that have the notch cut out so...
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  19. Just replace your iPhone 6s battery and with iOS 12 it should be top notch again!
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  20. Sam


    Honestly, this. I'm kinda mad I caved and ordered an iPhone X when if I'd known they were gonna make my 6s usable again (the battery replacement was great, but the phone is so slow and dated now), I'd have waited for the new lineup in Sept / October.
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