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Apple Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Sam


    Still need to get my MacBook battery replaced. Hoping it’s going to give it another 2 years or so before I need to buy a new one!
  2. I played on my sister's laptop to see what Big Sur looks and feels like to see if I wanna update and at first it wasn't too bad but then I launched mail and anyway long story short I'm blind now
  3. Sam


    My MagSafe charger came today! It doesn’t attach properly cause I have a Mous case on my phone but it’s still satisfying to put on charge with the pop up
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    If it wasn't already proof enough that I love my AirPods enough, someone tried to steal them in my dreams... so I shot them in the face.
  5. So my contract has been eligible for early upgrade for months but they’ve been offering me terrible deals on the iPhone 12 Pro. My contract’s finally ending at the end of the month so I moved provider and ordered my 12 Pro today, only to be told it’ll be 4 weeks until it’s delivered “:/”

    Still, I’m hyped to have a new phone on the way! Any recommendations for cases? I prefer them on the thinner side, the chunkier ones kinda ruin the feel of phone.
  6. The Smart Keyboard on my iPad Pro 10.5 (the old style still with Touch ID) no longer seems to work every time I put it in keyboard position. I guess the only logical thing to do would be to buy the new iPad Air and a fancy new keyboard and a fancy new Apple Pencil.
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  7. What's Apple Music like these days? I always avoided it because I heard horror stories about it messing with existing libraries and I am obsessive about organising my library.

    But I ended up falling down a dark path and now I use YouTube Music because it's included with YouTube premium. But the app sucks.

    Plus I feel like reliance on streaming has devalued music for me a little. I used to buy an album and play it on repeat for a week straight and take in every note and now I just press play on a mix and never appreciate anything in the same way.

    So I wanna go back to the Apple Music app and organise my music in a more conscious way, so yeah. Does it actually sync properly these days? Does music I save just appear alongside music I've bought?
  8. It does sync properly these days. I actually use Apple Music since day 1, cause i'm able to organize the albums including bonus tracks and b-sides that it's not available on streaming. And everything is in the cloud. But beware, if you delete something from iTunes, it will remove the song from your iCloud Library AND from your local folder, but it's ok cause you can restore it in the trash. Give it a try, it works perfectly fine today.
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  9. Thank you! Maybe a stupid question but I have never used iTunes Match or anything, is that still a thing or is it included in Apple Music? Will my music I've imported from other places be available in the cloud or will I still have to sync my devices?
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  10. When you subscribe to Apple Music you have access to the streaming and iTunes Match is included too! Every song you sync to your iCloud Music Library will appear in all your devices automatically
  11. When you sync your songs to your iCloud Music Library basically iTunes Match will do the work, it will search for songs in their catalogue that's is exactly the same and sync it to you, those who are different versions or it's a b-side, bonus track etc that they don't have, they will upload. If you collect lossless music like me, don't worry, all the original files are safe in your local storage in the same quality
  12. kal


    One key difference between Apple Music’s iCloud Music Library and iTunes Match’s is that the latter allows you to download your own files on other devices DRM-free, whereas if you use Apple Music and add a song (not available in their library) you can download it on other devices for offline playing, but it will be DRM protected, even though it’s “your” file.
  13. So to be really stupid, if i add my carefully crafted Kylie back catalogue with single versions instead of album tracks, my own edits of songs and unreleased/b-sided tacked on at the end of albums Apple Music will leave all that alone?

    I’ve been desperate to try but I’m too scared and wheel out my iPod touch whenever I want to listen to anything not recent dd
  14. It will be sync, since it's not available on streaming. It will be upload for you
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  15. Guys, don't be afraid, just do it. You will not lose the original files of your songs. choose which computer you are going to store them, and just sync with your icloud music library to listen on your other devices. It doesn't make much difference to download offline to other computers, since you already have the original files safely stored in another one and you can listen to it by streaming anytime
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  16. It's true, honestly. I've been using iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library for years now and I've never actually ~lost a single file and I have a huge collection of demos, b-sides and alternate versions. The most that'll happen is the metadata will mess up which is an easy fix. It's gotten to the point where I haven't had my library fully downloaded for a couple of years now. My entire catalogue just lives in the cloud and I've been through multiple MacBooks, iPads and iPhones and it all just syncs, ready to stream as soon as I turn it on.

    It's possible I've just gotten lucky, because I have heard horror stories. But I also know people who are having issues are more likely to post about them online than people who are fully satisfied with the product (which I am, it's life changing as a music fan/collector).
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  17. I use Spotify now but I had AM for years and it was always fine. I think the first year or two were a clusterfuck and people who got fucked were traumatized at the time.
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  18. Yeah, I've tried all of the major streaming services and Apple Music is by far my favorite. The algorithm is much better than Youtube's and the ability to organise your music library is superior to Spotify.
  19. There’s rumours going around that the 14” MacBook Pro that’s going to be released this year will:
    • Get rid of the Touch Bar
    • Bring back MagSafe
    • More ports
    • Redesign
    Honestly just give me this machine right now.
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  20. I've held off getting the latest M1 release because of these rumours, my 2013 MacBook Pro seriously needs to be retired and this sounds like the perfect replacement after the jokery releases of the last few years.
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