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Apple Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. My only issue with it is... the screen really should be HD. Sub 1080, even on a screen that small, shouldn’t be on Apple’s shelves in 2018.
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  2. I do like the color selections but the XR doesn't even have OLED.
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  3. I think that's being a bit overblown. As a current 6S owner I was also concerned that I wouldn't see any difference, but the pixel density is sufficient and apparently the colors and contrast are as good as it gets on an LCD panel.
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  4. For £800 I’m not really expecting ‘sufficient’ though. I get why and I get that it’s not the end of the world, but for me it’s a misstep.
  5. I love how Apple just up the rest of the prices for the new phones and then the 'cheapest' of the bunch is 'just' 750 USD.

    I see you, Apple - you've always been the girl I knew you were.

    Not this year (again) - I'm keeping my iPhone 6s Plus, Daddy Cook.
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  6. Hoping to pick up a XR today. Would keep my 7 going but the charging bit is broken.

    But what colour do I get girls?
  7. I got a red one
  8. Did you see the other colours. I like the blue and yellow ones but not sure if they'd look tacky in real life.
  9. I played with the XR at the store today and when I compared the display with my X I was so disappointed...that I couldn't tell the difference. Now it makes me angry that my previous phone decided to crap out on me two months ago and I wasn't able to wait for the cheaper XR.
  10. kal


    I placed an order for a stainless steel Apple Watch Series 4 with a milanese loop today. It sucks that it’s not available in my country so I had to order it from Germany and I’ll probably have to wait a month for it to get here.

    Worth it though.
  11. So I got paranoid about my external hard drive this past week and ordered a 2 TB SSD drive to house my library - and I’m trying to redirect my iTunes to it and have it house the library there through it’s clunky consolidation feature and I keep getting errors that I either don’t have permission to do it or that it can’t find the destination folder even though it’s clearly there. So currently about half my library is housed on one hard drive and the other half is on the new one. I’m fuming.

    So, I narrowed down the problem. By looking in my new library folder, I was able to track down when/where the transfers failed. One of those ridiculous digital booklets that run more like an application - I think they were called iTunes LPs (a Norah Jones one at that, HA!!) - wouldn't transfer properly. I manually moved it and now we are back up and running.
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  12. I used an iPad Pro this weekend and am really tempted to upgrade my SE to the XS to have an iPhone version of That Display and Camera. Talk me into/out of it please. Confuse me.

    SE to the XS
  13. kal


    The iPad Pro display is an LCD panel that has a 120 Hz refresh rate, whereas the iPhone panel is an OLED panel with a 60 Hz refresh rate. So animations won’t be as buttery smooth on the iPhone as they are on the iPad, but the iPhone screen can deliver true blacks, which is not possible on a backlit LCD panel.

    As for camera, the iPhone has a far superior set of cameras because they bot have optical image stabilization, which is entirely missing on the latest generation iPad Pro.

    If I were you I’d look for a good deal on an iPhone X instead of the XS, which has connectivity issues and is not a meaningful performance upgrade compared to last year’s model.
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  14. Wow thanks for such a helpful, kind response. But the problem is that now I'm not confused! (Runs to Apple store.)
  15. I had some bad health news recently so I've purchased an Apple Watch Series 4 to try and make sure I'm fit as possible. Looks pretty great and works well with the other products (I have MacBook, iPhone X and iPad).
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  16. Sorry to hear that!
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  17. To any Apple Watch owners - are they any good? I’m thinking of getting one but I’ve never owned a smart watch before. Wondering if they’re just gimmicky or actually useful? It’s a lot of money to splash out if it turns out to be just an expensive toy...
  18. If you wanna track health and activity, then yes, they're amazing, 100% worth it. If you don't, then the other features are good but not enough to justify buying one by themselves.
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  19. I have to say my Apple Watch and AirPods are an amazing purchase. I can leave my phone at home so it's less of a distraction now.
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  20. My Apple Watch is totally unnecessary. It's basically a Notification Center on your wrist. I never text, call or use a lot of apps since I always have my phone nearby. That being said, now that I'm used to it on my wrist, I'd hate to be without it!
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