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Apple Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. The new Apple Watch looks really nice though. Might replace my Series 5.
  2. Yeah, the lack of real updates this year is a big hint of much bigger things to come next year. This year’s phones should have honestly been called 12S.
  3. I'm still on an 11 ProMax so the blue 13 ProMax looks perrrrrfect.

    I missed the Apple Watch updates but I'm holding out forever until they announce one that can do glucose level sensing.
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  4. The new phones look great. More interesting than last year’s update. With the new 128GB baseline, I think it’s time for me to dump my aging 8 Plus for for a 13. I wish we got more interesting color choices though. Bring back Midnight Green!

    The upgraded iPad is a steal for $329. Probably the best value you can get with an Apple product. The new mini is cute I guess but I have no use for it nn. I’m glad the watch finally got the screen update it’s needed for years.

    Overall, way better than last year’s iPhone event. It feels like they ironed out a lot of the worst parts of the 12 so it’s a more compelling upgrade. I’m more perched for the Macbook event that’s supposed to be happening in a few weeks. A redesigned Air is probably going to be my next big purchase.
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  5. kal


    Really though? I’d say it needs a better battery way more than a screen that’s 2mm bigger.
  6. It’s nit-picky but I’ve always hated the bezels on the watch, so I support them making them smaller. I agree that the battery is more important though. I’m at work so I may have missed it, but I don’t remember them mentioning much about the battery so that probably isn’t good nn.
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  7. kal


    Battery is the same. Chip is also most likely the same because they didn’t mention an upgrade for it. A very meh update for the watch overall.
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  8. This is where I'm at, I have a gold 8 Plus and I just keep delaying the upgrade every year because I keep waiting for the "design overhaul" people keep saying is coming with each new release.

    I really wanted the hunter green but that's not even an option now, and they didn't release the matte black like it was rumored, so I guess I'm sticking with gold.
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  9. I was quite disappointed with that as I will have had my 11 Pro Max for 2 years soon, but guess I’ll save some coin and stretch this phone to 3 years with a battery replacement. No major reason to upgrade at all. I was kind of hoping they would introduce AirPod Pro 2’s this year but guess they aren’t coming either!
  10. Just once in my life I want someone to talk about me in the way Tim Cook talks about apple products
  11. kal


    So… fake excitement?
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  12. I would be *thrilled*
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  13. The S updates have always had more going on than this update though ddd

    The event was low-key an embarrassment. Nothing there worth an event, it's all updates that they'd be happy to quietly update on the site without fanfare if it weren't for a new iPhone necessitating an event.

    The iPhone has really become stuck. It's basically peaked, where else do you go? Which is why they focus so much on the camera but even then I feel like it's reached the point where there's not much room for improvement. The cameras on the 13/13 pro seem to be targeting a semi-professional market with stuff like Cinematography mode, but is that really gonna win anyone over? I doubt non-professionals care all that much about stuff like that, and professionals are just gonna get an actual camera, so who's this for?

    The next big step for iPhone is the vanquishing of The Notch, which I'm sure Apple was hoping they'd have accomplished by now, but how's that going for ya???

    Anyway, the iPad mini is nice, although I still disagree with introducing a second form of Touch ID when you're mid-transition to Face ID and (possibly) introducing under-screen Touch ID soonish. It's giving me the same hives I broke out in when they forced everyone to switch from 3.5mm to lightning and made all their Mac peripherals charge via lightning, only to immediately start phasing out lightning on all but one device.
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  14. kal


    You’re the most Secret Satisfaction ever, and we think you’re gonna love it!
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  15. I’m keeping my 11 Pro for another year it seems but I bought Apple Watch 6 this year and looking at the gorgeous 7 it low key hurts nn.
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  16. I'm only getting the 13 because my phone still has saltwater inside it and the 12 is the same price. Most of new iPhone purchases are people like me and people who always get the new on no matter what.
  17. I'm still on a iPhone Xr 128gb and it works just fine... I got it because at the time it had the best battery. But it's not an OLED screen.
    Why no AirPods 3 yet Apple? Hmm.
  18. I’m still happy with my XS Max :)
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  19. Do people really still care about this? It's basically invisible to me.
  20. I’d rather have the notch than a hole punch in the screen
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