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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. There's really nothing in the iPhone 13 that made me go wow. I'm tempted to not bother and stick with my 11 for another year. The Apple Watch however, maybe, as I'm still on a Series 4. I love how all the rumours pointed to the edges of the watch being like the phone and then Apple said "nope"! And no release date yet for it!
  2. I think things went south very quickly at the last minute with the Series 7 and this was a contingency plan. It’s essentially a series 6 but with a bigger screen
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  3. kal


    While I also think this is true to some extent, I doubt they weren't able to develop a newer chip based on the A14 which would have slightly extended the battery life.

    Apple's been on a trend of purposefully slowing down innovation in their market leading products just so they can squeeze out the maximum amount of profits in the long term.

    From a business perspective, it's brilliant, but as a consumer I fucking hate it.
  4. The watch is totally in the same purgatory as the phone. The next big step is to add blood pressure monitoring and/or blood glucose monitoring. Until then, every update will only be incremental. But how long's it gonna take them to figure those out?

    Which is why it's smart of Apple to focus so much on Fitness+, services are where it's at.

    Although one big thing they could do to improve the watch is sever the chains between it and the iPhone. In an ecosystem of many devices it makes no sense to have two arbitrarily tethered together. I've paid for an Apple Watch. I've paid for an iPad. I've paid for Apple Fitness+. But I can't do an Apple Fitness+ workout with my Apple Watch and my iPad? APPLE C'MON

    They also need to realign their priorities a tad to give sleep tracking the same prominence and important as exercise/calories/stand hours.
  5. They guy talking about fitness+ was scary
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  6. There hasn’t been much innovation in smartphones by anyone for years now. The most interesting new thing we’ve gotten is foldables and I’m still not convinced that’s anything more than a niche product. I think we’ve just hit the apex of what these devices can be.

    People should start looking at their phones in the same way they look at their laptop. A few years ago, it made sense to upgrade yearly because of the innovations but at this point, even every 2 years seems a bit much. Mine is 4 years old and other than needing a battery replacement, I’d probably be fine for another year or 2.
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  7. Usually the updates are a bit incremental after having big updates the year before.
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  8. I screamed at the 13 having the cameras in diagonal because of course it would. How else are people going to tell who's got what phone in mirror selfies? ññññ

    I never understood the whole culture of "upgrading" though. I basically just buy a new device when my old one dies? My Lenovo laptop is from 2012 and I bought my iPhone 7 Plus in 2017... and they're still working perfectly fine, so spending money on something I don't really need feels counterproductive (knocks on wood for them to stay like that cause I'm poor fff).
  9. I feel like the next big step for phones will maybe only come when they’re powerful enough to dock and become a full computer replacement.

    Foldables / rollables aren’t it, sorry Samsung.
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  10. Ffff yeah, I’m not here to make a moral judgements on anyone who chooses to upgrade often (with Apple’s upgrade program & high resale values, you can do it pretty cheaply). But, I’ve always been an advocate for getting as much use out of your technology as possible. Monetary constraints are the biggest motivator for that, but I hate the we’re in an era where companies are treating these expensive devices as disposable.

    Climate change is not something that’ll be fixed by poor/middle income peoples’ individual actions, but e-waste is a huge problem and smartphones are a large contributor to that problem. This is why Right to Repair laws are so important. In this context, Apple is lowkey the WORST company when it comes to this problem. Their environmental stance is bullshit when you consider how they go out of their way to destroy Right to Repair legislation & make it as hard as they can for individuals to fix their own devices. Other companies are following in their foot-steps, which makes it even worse.

    Sorry for the tangent dddd. I have a lot of feelings about this topic.
  11. As much as I’ve loved my iPhone 12 Mini, I’m ready to have better battery life again and a bigger screen for videos and such, so I’m pre-ordering the 13 Pro. Also, I think the smaller keyboard is actually causing pain in my thumbs.

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  12. BUT that iPad Mini is a real nice upgrade though. I have the Mini 5 and it's great, but this makes me drool. Now the hassle of having to sell it though, eeks. Apple only gives me €155 back while I can try to sell it for €300 online. So imma try and upgrade.
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  13. I wish they’d give the regular iPad the Pro treatment the way they’ve done with the Air and Mini. The one I bought for my dad 3 years ago is kinda on her last legs.
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  14. Keeping my iPhone X intact until next year's notchless and bumpless iPhone 14.
    (such a dumb thing to let the 14 leak a couple of days before the announcement of the 13...)
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  15. It could be fake but at the same time very plausible. Probably the needed innovation we're looking for. I love the 12 mini but the short battery life is noticeable. I might get the 13 mini for an additional 1.5 hrs of battery life but is it worth it?

    The new iPad mini is the showstopper! It's what a lot of us wanted for years. The only negative is that it isn't a high refresh screen. Regardless I think I'm gonna order that.
  16. I have a feeling… that smartphones will gradually fade out and replaced by AR (or even VR) integrated glasses.
  17. Yeah cuz Google glass was such a smash!
  18. I mean, obviously it’s still in its infancy, but Ray Ban has recently put one out and handheld devices as mentioned in this thread, appeared to have reached its maximum potential as of late. I’d think it’s pretty safe to assume an age of complete hands-free devices are not that far ahead. It seems to be the next direction where big names are heading to, considering even Apple is working on their own version of it.
  19. So I guess I'm officially done with MacOS. Traded in my MacBook Pro for the new iPad mini. Will be going solely with iOS with Apple for now.
  20. Got my iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB in Silver.

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