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Apple Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. aux


    My Watch is super handy for when I'm at work, as I'm not really allowed to have my phone out. But I can always check what's happening, text and what not during the shift with it.
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  2. My Apple Watch has helped me become a lot fitter and I’ve actually exercised more because of it.

    It kind of encourages you to close your three activity rings and it makes you want to do it. And the fall detection feature is very good and came in handy for me about a month ago

    I just wish Three would hurry up and introduce eSim so I can leave my phone behind
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  3. I know that almost everyone under the sun has a branded credit card, but that’s a no from me Apple.
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  4. Agreed. I think it’s sad to look at how gamechanging devices like the iPhone and iPad were, to where we are now and Apple want sycophantic applause and fanfare for launching a fucking credit card and a news app. I know Services is where the money is now but, isn’t it a little more dignified to just announce it on a press release?
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  5. kal


    My main concern is that the entire event consisted of things that won’t be launching any time soon. Except for Apple News + which isn’t even available where I live.
  6. It’s all coming in the fall which isn’t too far away anyway
  7. In another note they've just officially cancelled AirPower.
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  8. Well I'm glad I never bothered getting a wireless charging phone, although I assume you can use other non-Apple branded wireless chargers.
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  9. Of course you can, it just uses the QI standard
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  10. Exactly, so people crying over this like I've seen elsewhere is fucking ridiculous.
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  11. Ñnn the charging mat they were trying to release was going to be something brand new and not done before but I’m guessing the laws of physics got in the way and they couldn’t solve the overheating problem
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  12. It looks like iTunes is finally being broken up in the next macOS update, how’s everyone feeling about that?

    On the one hand it’s 100% the right choice, there’s literally no need for iTunes, it should have split into Music, TV, Podcasts, Books and iSync about five years ago.

    On the other hand I’m fucking terrified. I’ve spent a decade obsessively organising a huge iTunes library and it might all be about to be destroyed if not outright deleted.

    I have hope Music and TV will be able to move all the data over without losing anything, but I think Podcasts will be little more than a Marzipan version of the iOS app which is more than a little frustrating when all of my podcasts I download and add manually so I can sort and organize them as I please. I’ve been doing that for 7 years now and there’s thousands of them so the anxiety is REAL.
  13. kal


    This so much. I can totally see them try to shove Apple Music further down everyone’s throat, and this will be the move that either pushes me toward an altogether different music player, or if God forbid, they decide to shut down the iTunes Store section, I’ll just move back to piracy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Also, while I agree that iTunes has bundled too many features together over the years, it’s always worked great for me.
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  14. Is this just for the Mac users? Like if I have iTunes on my PC it will still sync stuff to Apple Music? Because I generally use Apple Music on my mobile devices where the two apps are already separated.
  15. I don't trust Apple to not fuck things up somehow honestly.
  16. When is this change happening? Better make sure my Apple Music library is backed up and maybe screenshot it so I can make sure I don’t lose anything.
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  17. No one knows. It’s just rumours at the moment

    iTunes itself won’t be going anywhere, just Podcasts and other things would be getting its own dedicated app for macOS
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  18. They do need to improve their media apps to be fair.

    The 'smart playlists' functionality is so poor. I've tried so many times to make a 'most played of xx year' but you can't filter by plays per year. And you can only easily access other peoples iTunes movies/TV Shows via Apple TV.
  19. Still worried about this but reports seem to suggest the new Music app will preserve all the library organization features of iTunes, so that's good.

    Sounds like the TV and Podcasts apps will be little more than Marzipan upscaling, though.

    Which especially sucks for Apple TV, as it's a complete waste of space on any home screen. All it does is aggregate information from a bunch of different sources, which are rarely consistent or reliable.

    They really needed Apple TV to run from a centralised database under Apple's control. At they moment, the app just doesn't work half the time, even when it's only Apple services you're using.

    Like, I own every episode of Gavin & Stacey, but if I ask it to play 3.04, for example, it won't let me. It prompts me to buy it again, because it doesn't recognise the file I own as "Gavin and Stacey, season 3, episode 4," it recognises it as "Gavin and Stacey, Complete Collection, episode 18," which doesn't exist as far as the TV app is concerned.

    So instead of "Siri, play Gavin and Stacey," it's home > tv series > purchased > all shows > Gavin and Stacey > season 3 > episode 4. A fucking mess.

    They need one database of every episode available on the service, which is then linked to the apps that can play it, instead of just drawing their data from those apps and trying to guess.

    Oy vey.
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  20. Damn ma, it ain’t that serious. It only takes you what 20 seconds to do that with the remote
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