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Apple Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. My jaw dropped during that presentation. The new Macbook Pros are in a league of their own. The price reflects it, but it’s basically everything that everyone’s wanted. The processors completely eviscerate anything Intel/AMD are delivering.

    The notch isn’t a big deal since it just cuts into dead-space in the menubar. You’re getting more screen real estate with little compromise.
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  2. Also ProMotion is such a sweet addition.
  3. If I got the four thunderbolt MacBook Pro 2020 model just last August, does it make any sense at all to save up and fork out $1300 (after my theoretical trade-in) to get the most basic 2021 14 inch model?
  4. Got the entry-level 16 incher. Excited to finally have a new laptop, but.... they're kind of fugly, aren't they?
  5. This updates makes me a bit worried about Apple's design direction. Like, I know they haven't been too concerned with consistency over the past few years, you can buy five grey products from this company and still none of them will match, but it's a bit much even for Apple to split off the design of their desktops and laptops the way they have. The MacBook Pro and iMac don't even look like they're made by the same company, let alone belong to the same family of devices.
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  6. Sam


    V excited to get my hands on a 16” space grey model
  7. They’re slowly differentiating the design language between the Pro line and the Consumer line. The iMac is consumer oriented while the new Macbook Pros are Pro oriented. The new Macbook Air coming next year is supposed to come in different colors & be more in-line with the iMac’s design language.

    I think the overall design of the new MBP looks weirdly dated. It has some design cues from the models from 10 years ago. It’s not ugly, but it’s not as pretty as the last generation. For these computers, it makes sense to put function over form though. Apple has always done the opposite and the last gen of Macbooks suffered greatly because of that. If we’re past the point of having thermal issues then I’m good.

    The issue with space gray being different on literally every device they sell will continue to drive me insane.
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  8. kal


    Silver’s better anyways.
  9. Here's the AG video for those that haven't seen it

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  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Looks like I'm upgrading my 2020 Intel Air.
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  11. I don't understand why they downgraded the AirPods from the "plug" silicone tip type back to the hard plastic ones, I certainly won't be buying. The former is the only comfortable type of earbud to me.
  12. kal


    The AirPods Pro still have the silicone plugs. These new models are a step between the pros and the old “regular” model.
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  13. Does anyone have experience producing sound in spatial audio? I know you can now produce it in Logic but I haven't played around with it yet. What file type do you ultimately export as?

    I think it would be cool to mix a podcast episode in spatial audio, but I don't know the details of the format and whether it's possible to distribute files with spatial audio outside Apple music, or where they can be played, etc.
  14. Literally upgraded this summer to the 13 inch pro with M1 so I'm screaming right now but I think I'll be okay for a few more years cause I really do love the touch bar and don't wanna part with it yet.

    Now I will definitely have to get the new air pods but I'll wait to see what deals spring up closer to Christmas and might even wait until the spring come tax return time.
  15. SAME I literally had to get a new one 3 weeks ago because my screen broke on my 2015 one and it was going to cost an absurd amount to get it fixed. I'm literally one week past being able to return it. Oh well, the new ones are more expensive so that's my consolation dd.

    I'm interested in the new AirPods....I'm guessing they're not as good as the AirPod Pros but better than the previous basic AirPods?
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  16. Just get the AirPod Pros on sale if you can.
  17. I can’t do the silicone inserts, no matter the size they never fit correctly.
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  18. My ears are loose hoes and the mid insert works fine? It's not supposed to completely fit like older headphones with cables used to fit.
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  19. To be fair, the Macbook Pro and the iMac are for two very different consumers. So I don't necessarily think you can draw a comparison between the two.
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  20. Other than the larger screen, the new MacBook Pro design does look kind of outdated, especially compared to the current models? The bottom shell looks pretty big/bulky.
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