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Apple Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. I need Apple Music advice. I wanna be able to create my own playlists without all of the songs being added to my library, is that possible? Similarly to how I can add an Apple playlist to my library without all the individual songs being added.
  2. Yep!

    Settings -> Music -> Uncheck add playlist songs.
  3. Apple have had years to perfect their TV app now and it's still pretty terrible. Like, there's no option I can find to add something from my library to up next? I gotta go manually find it on the store and add it there? WHY

    Edit: Plus the fact that the experience is totally different depending on device. Like I get that it's impossible to integrate it with apps on the Mac when there's no Mac app, but there should at least be some kind of centralised database so I can see when something is available on Disney or Netflix on the Apple TV Mac app so I can then add it to up next and switch to the TV.

    Amazon Prime now has a Mac app, though, which is amazing.

    Amazing, thank you!
  4. Is there a site or tool anywhere where I can download Apple Music playlist artwork? Some of their artworks are lovely and I'd like to use them as covers for my own playlists with similar-ish themes.
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  7. Well now for what possible reason do .wav files on iPhone open in iMovie!?
  8. Sam


    My MacBook's finally here. She's absolutely beautiful, I'm obsessed. Low key wish I'd gone for the 14" because this thing is absolutely monstrous, but I'll live!
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  9. Okay… AirPods 3 or AirPods Pro?

    Will use mostly while walking, maybe for running (though the snuggest fit in the world might still not convince me I won’t lose one, so maybe not).
  10. Sam


    AirPods Pro, definitely. I’ve used them running in the past and had no problems!
  11. Thanks Sam!

    That said… I have just learned about rattlegate.
  12. I’ve had this and it’s a huge pain, but to Apple’s. credit, they’ve always been happy to just switch them out for new ones same day.
  13. I've had mine for 2 years, use them every single day and they still work perfectly. I don't think this is an issue to worry about.
  14. Well I've noticed there's a load of data missing from the health app because when you activate the whole bedtime feature it prevents the Apple Watch from tracking sleep after your wake up time should you sleep in, which is definitely how I wanted that feature to work.
  15. That’s bizarre. It doesn’t record the sleep that you do beyond an arbitrary time you set?

    I don’t keep my Apple Watch on when I sleep because I recharge I overnight. The health app records my sleep as determined by my bedtime and wake up time only. If I was to wear my watch, I’d expect it to ignore those times.
  16. Sam


    Not me experiencing this issue the whole time and thinking it’s just because I walk so heavily lmao. My AirPods are well out of warranty now too, so annoying!
  17. Get to the Apple Store! It's a manufacturing issue, so replacement is covered under a separate program and will be done for free as long as it's within 3 years of date of purchase.
  18. Doesn't seem to. My sleep data for the past two days shows me waking up at 7:42 and 7:43 (my wake up time is set to 7:45), but both days I slept in past 12pm ddd

    Not sure what happened with my alarm to be honest, as far as I remember, I slept through the night, so I don't know if I slept through the alarm or turned it off or went back to sleep or what. But both days show me waking up before it even sounds, which is just absolutely untrue, and then lack the following five hours of data while I slept my troubles away.

    Neither night records ANY time "in bed" either which is weird. But I've never trusted that to be accurate anyway, I have no idea how it's calculated.

    Apple should've just bought Autosleep tbh
  19. I ended up getting the AirPods 3 and I’m pretty happy with them!
  20. I used to have activity trackers from FitBit and others. I found the sleep tracker always said I had less sleep than I felt I had. Eventually, I think it made me anxious that I wasn’t going to sleep enough which meant I couldn’t sleep enough.
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