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Apple Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. They do need to sort out their management.

    I have Game of Thrones (seasons 1-7, forget that season 8 crap) that I purchased from iTunes but I can't play it via the TV+ app. It asks me to buy it again. It's just bizarre.
  2. Yes because I know exactly what I'm looking for and how to find it. Others might not. If you've just got an Apple TV and, like @Shockbox, you own GoT 1-7, this is the process you might actually go through (as I initially did ddd):

    1. You ask Siri to find Game of Thrones for you, scroll to the episode you want and click play. It won't play because you don't own it.

    2. You go to "search" to try to find the copy you do own, and you scroll to the episode you want. You click play. It won't play, because you don't own it.

    3. You realise that the search function in the Apple TV app doesn't have the ability to search for TV you've purchased from Apple.

    4. You go to the home screen, click the separate search app and type Game of Thrones. You scroll to the episode you want and click play and—oh, wait. Same thing again.

    5. You finally realise you're gonna have to do this manually, navigate your way through the "TV Shows" app, scroll through 60-odd episodes and BOOM you've finally got the one you're after.

    6. The next day, the next episode is ready to play in Up Next. You click "play" and—OOPS YOU DON'T OWN THIS EPISODE. TRY AGAIN.

    No one can excuse this user experience, really now.
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  3. iPad is getting its own dedicated software. Holy shit.
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  4. New MacPro and display!!
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  5. aux


    This is great news. Hopefully it means the iPad can now become more like a laptop.
  6. What if I liked that my iPad was not a laptop?
  7. That Mac Pro is insane... but I'm amazed by that stand. The engineering behind that is insane.
  8. It can still be used basically the same way its always been used. It still runs 'iOS', technically. So all your apps & every thing will work pretty much the same They are just forking iOS into its own thing called iPad OS (its maybe a little confusing, so they'll need to work on the messaging!).

    As a developer of apps since 2010, it's something that needed to happen, probably a couple of years ago. Apple keeps positioning the iPad as 'a laptop replacement' but the reality is that iOS is too limiting for many to do certain work on it. Likewise, certain 'pro level developers' want to create for full-featured apps for the iPad, but since it runs iOS... they hit a lot of walls (such as getting files off the device quick & easily, better multi-window support, some basic 'laptop type' tasks, etc.) By forking it from the basic version of iOS, Apple can build out some features more designed for the specific use cases of a larger screen & then devs can take advantage of that by making better iPad apps.

    I adore my iPad, but it was always seen as crippled a bit by many, mainly because it's just a much bigger screen essentially running an operating system designed for much smaller screens. As such, its full potential has maybe been untapped. I know may developers who won't consider the iPad more than a toy until they can actually use it to build apps with. We're not here yet, but Apple's announcements today move them one step closer to that capability.

    sidenote- I don't think I even knew there was a general Apple discussion thread on PJ until I randomly saw this today. I usually just get on here for music stuff, but occasionally stumble into off-topic.
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  9. Ddd the gasp everyone let out when they revealed the stand was an extra $999 was a scream. You can tell they weren’t expecting that because the guy on stage stumbled his next few words
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  10. It's ridiculous to charge people extra for the stand. You're basically forced to buy a £5000 or £6000 screen, and then either buy the £199 mount converter for your current base, or £999 for Apple's own. Otherwise you just have to rest the monitor against the wall with some Blu Tack?!

    Sidecar is amazing, I cannot wait to use it. They didn't go into detail about what Macs or iPads it will work with. They're usually quite good at serving those of us with older hardware. My 2014 MacBook Air still does everything I need a Mac to do (well, except maybe Retina display and Touch ID) and I'm happy with my 2017 iPad Pro and old Apple Pencil. Maybe I'll have to use a cable, while those with more modern hardware will be able to do it all wirelessly?

    I'm excited about the new iPadOS. I've always wanted the iPad to get more laptop like because there's still somethings that just don't work or feel right on an iPad. I'm worried that all these new gestures are going to get confusing - the guy demonstrating them certainly had trouble on a couple of occasions. I can't wait to see the clamps companies come up with to attach your iPad to your Mac now! Apple might make one and try to sell it to us for £999.

    I have to say I do enjoy Craig Federighi's presentation style. He has fun with it.

    (I'll stop geeking out now)
  11. The display works with other mounts and the display isn’t for your average user
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  12. This, like I get the frustration but it's replacing a monitor that normally costs $43000+. I do wish they'd have a more in-between monitor option, but that won't happen.
  13. If I bought an Apple Watch in the US, would it work in the UK?
  14. I imagine it depends which version you go for? For example, my Apple Watch Series 4 has cellular and works with my carrier, EE. If you got a version without, I don't see why it wouldn't. Don't quote me on that. Caveat emptor.

    Found this with a quick Google:

    "An Apple Watch purchased is NOT COMPATIBLE and WILL NOT WORK on cellular networks outside North America. Apple Watch - Carriers - Apple. This is nothing to do with eSIM, it uses different radio frequencies for the North America cellular region."
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  15. Only the non-cellular versions
  16. Well I’m on 3 which doesn’t work with Apple Watch anyway so would just get the GPS one.
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  17. I got mine in the U.S. and it works just fine.
  18. Sam


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  19. Can you help please?

    Thanks for explaining on the whole iPad thing. I personally don’t need a laptop replacement so I’m glad I can continue on as usual with my iPad.
  20. AirPods can add themselves to the Find My app so you can try and locate them if you lose them. This is a great feature, assuming it works but I wanted the new Powerbeats Pro as I don’t like the lack of noise cancellation in the AirPods. They’ve apparently got the same innards as the AirPods but you can’t use the Find My app with them. Very annoying really seeing as I doubt there’s a reason they can’t be except to make them AirPods more desirable. I was holding out for the Navy PowerBeats Pro but now I might hold out even longer for the rumoured AirPods 3
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