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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Sam


    Locating the AirPods works well in theory if you had decent coverage / wifi when they were last paired with your phone. The sound they play is pitiful too, although obviously they’re limited being headphones.
  2. I had the new AirPods for a day. I really wanted to like them, and in quiet areas I was happy with the sound. I'm not by any means a sound connoisseur and struggle to hear relatively small differences in sound quality. But the noise coming in from outside made me turn the volume up so loud, probably to dangerous levels, and it even seemed to amplify the noise from outside. I need those silicone ear tips, which I could have got for the AirPods but having to remove them every time I want to put them away would be a pain.

    To be honest, I'm really happy with the Anker Soundcore Spirit X headphones I've got. I actually won them from Anker for adding my email address to their database! They very very rarely do this thing where all of a sudden white noise just blares out quite loudly. Which isn't nice. It's happened maybe four or five times in the two years I've had them. So not perfect, but they're basically Powerbeat 3s.

    The Find My app is improving too. As long as bluetooth is on, you don't need Wi-Fi or mobile internet connectivity.
  3. I'm dying to buy these but my current Powerbeats are going strong. Hopefully towards the end of the summer maybe.
  4. I will never use Bluetooth headphones. Thankfully Apple made them so expensive I wasn’t even tempted to try.
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  5. kal


    Earlier this year I sold my aging iMac because I wasn’t using it anymore and it was just collecting dust. I had about 400GB of data on it including photos and videos from the last decade that I backed up onto my 3TB external drive.

    Now, I’m finally in the process of restoring said backup to my MacBook Pro, except that had its own data which is also important. So I had to partition my external hard drive into 2 halves, back up the MacBook and now it’s restoring from the iMac backup.

    I only have 500GB of space on the laptop so when I start putting everything together from both backups I’m gonna have to consider what to keep and what to move to the external storage or outright delete.

    This is literally the most cumbersome Apple-related thing I’ve had to do in my life and I’ve been dreading it for months now.
  6. Decided to wait until September to see if they announce Apple Watch Series 5.

    I see they've continued their fuckery with Apple Music. Went to listen to Sugababes and it split Change and Sweet 7 tracks into Various Artists again.
  7. There is a line-up joke somewhere in here.
  8. Yikes at the Apple event. After everyone criticising them for a lacklustre update with the XS, they follow it up with one that's somehow even less substantial.

    Aside from incremental performance upgrades, the only notable difference between the 11 and the Pro (which is £330 more) is the OLED screen and the third lens. Seems like that doesn't justify £330 to me.

    In fact the only difference, really, between the XR and 11 is the second lens.

    That's just insane to me. Instead of splashing out for the 11 Pro, you could pick up a XR, and use the money you saved to buy a DSLR, while still having money left to put to towards a couple of lenses.

    Also I've been reading for years now about how Apple wants to get rid of 3D Touch because it's rarely used but quite expensive to produce, and now it's gone, the phone costs more? Jesus Christ.
  9. It’s not only useless but the look of the iPhone pro with the three stoves at the back. For a brand that prides itself on design, it sure looks hideous as all hell.

    They’ve officially lost the plot. And still chugging the range with fucking 64gb. Girl bye! I’m still keeping my 6s Plus.
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  10. Absolutely agree. Apparently, they have device to device charging, but because it wasn't working to "Apple's requirements" (whatever that means) the feature has been pulled so presume the hardware for all that is in there somewhere. But even that's not a particularly revolutionary feature these days. And it's not even 5G. Not that I want 5G to be honest because line rental is too expensive. 64GB is a joke. It's do-able with Apple's storage features and ensuring you have a decent amount of data to use on your line rental. But my partner has this and his phone is constantly juggling the apps he has on his phone around.

    But... I'm on the iPhone upgrade programme with an iPhone XS 256GB so currently playing £63 a month and I've got to do that for at least another eight months. I might hand the phone back in and get an iPhone 11 128GB so that I only about pay around £45 a month instead.
  11. Yeah, this is not going to look good for them, trying and failing to deliver reverse charging even though Samsung has it, following from their failure to deliver AirPower. Like, I don't doubt they have good reasons for not shipping it yet, but it does make them look a tad incompetent.
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  12. They just need to stop making a big show of iPhone, basically. Phones have kind of peaked, and that's fine. Laptops peaked about a decade ago and have been seeing incremental improvements since without any groundbreaking innovation or redesign, and people are fine with it, because they don't expect it. A laptop is a laptop, they can get better, but that product category just isn't going to be turned on its head by a new product.

    Phones, by now, should be viewed the same way. But instead companies are inventing useless gimmick technology to try to one-up each other. And Apple continues dedicating some of its biggest and most grandiose events to iPhone, even though it has some of the most disappointing updates.

    Once Face ID is under the screen, that's it. A single slab of glass with a great camera and killer software. There's literally nothing more you could want from your phone. And Apple need to pivot away from it. Keep delivering good upgrades to speed, battery, and software, but focus your innovation on something like the Apple Watch that still has a long way to go.
  13. kal


    Funnily enough, I can’t wait to get my hands on a ceramic Apple Watch.
  14. Am I the only one who likes the new phones? The main things I get excited about each year are the improvements to the camera(s). My XS Max already takes gorgeous photos with minimal effort on my part and the 11 and Pro look even better. I could've done with that ultrawide lens when I was in Indonesia in July!

    64GB base model is pretty lacklustre. If they're pushing 4K video so much, surely a bump in storage space for even the base model is needed?

    I'm not due an upgrade until 2020. Insanely envious of anyone getting a Pro, though.

    I got a Series 4 Watch last year, so again not due an upgrade. Not sure I'm keen on the always-on display. I don't want my watch to be always-on. I suppose it's one of those things I'll have to get used to like the notch on the phones.
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  15. I think the Series 5 update is virtually non-existent teebs, no wonder they stopped selling the Series 4.

    Overall the iPhones look great though. I think people underestimate how much R&D goes into chip development alone. Interesting that Apple are having so many issues with, physics I guess, that other companies aren’t having (wireless charging, phone to phone charging etc).

    Price cut on the 11 of $50 was also unexpected but welcome. I have the X so I’m undecided if I’ll jump on a Pro this year yet.
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  16. It's interesting how the XR concept has become the mainline iPhone model - any other year, the 11 would be the 'budget' version. I guess they learned not too many people are willing to throw down 1k USD for a phone ddd. Leading with a $699 model is a great business move.
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  17. I’m only excited for the updates coming in ios13 and the new os updates for iPad. I love the new colors of the phones and such but this year just feels meh, I’ll hold onto my 8 plus one more year.
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  18. Debating if what I want to upgrade my 7 Plus to this cycle. I was mostly unimpressed with the higher end phones, and depending on how far the XR drops I may just get that if it hits something like $300, otherwise it'll probably be the 11 with whatever promotions carriers are running.

    Oh, and I'll probably take the plunge on an Apple Watch 3, I'm sure it'll drop a further $50 on sale, and $150 for a quality fitness tracker is quite reasonable.
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  19. EE in the UK is having a pretty aggressive strategy when it comes to 'free' upgrades to iPhone Pro on their contracts. With a +1000£ price tag, subsidising the cost is the only way most people can afford this. I think it reached a point where you don't actually need the newest phone anymore but if you're already on a contract and they're spamming you to update ... well you just update. iPhone peaked when they released the X version.
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