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Apple Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. I switched to dark mode for now. iMessage feels so different with it turned on . Not sure I’ll stick with it but for now it’s a change that feels like something new.
  2. These prices. Honestly it's robbery. When mobile phones have become like cars with a stronger second hand market you know things are insane. I can't believe people are parting cash with £90 a month for a phone. I feel old AF.
  3. I just can't transfer my old stuff from the iphone to the new iphone. it did recognize both and wanted to make a quick transfer but the problem is that the new iphone just can't install ios 13.1.1 which was just released. it's downloaded but it always says "preparing update..." and won't move from that point on.

    been trying for 5 hours now. i've deleted everything and re-installed the new iphone 6 times wihout luck.
  4. Try updating the new iPhone using iTunes, it will force install the update and download it on your computer.
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  5. It finally worked yay
  6. Have there been any bugs with iOS 13.1.2 or is it ok to install it?
  7. Thinking of going from a mid-2014 15" base Macbook Pro to a 2019 5k iMac. What y'all think?
  8. I WANT an iPhone 11 Pro Max but I don't NEED an iPhone 11 Pro Max.
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  9. This is me right now as well. I feel ya sis.
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  10. I feel like since the new update my iPhone XS Max camera takes blurry photos when it’s dark now and I don’t have a flash on.

    essentially I guess I’m in the same boat.
  11. I’m happy with my iPhone 7.
  12. I'm happy with my iPhone 6s Plus too especially with the new update it's swift as fuck, but I can feel it going on its final legs, especially when the battery is at 75% health.
  13. That is solid though. I’ve had the iPhone X for 18 months and I’m on 82% health.
  14. Hon it's not though, it doesn't even last me half a day and I don't use my phone much. Previously the phone can go throughout an entire day without charging.
  15. Come get your honey!
  16. Probably the least of anyone’s concern rn, but the iPhone SE (2) just came out and it’s lowkey kinda nice for being a lower-priced option.
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  17. Wanted to buy the husband a magic keyboard as a graduation present but it’s like £350!

    I mean I love him and all that but....
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  18. I got the 2020 MacBook Air with an upgraded processor and it’s still cheaper than a iPad Pro with that Magic Keyboard. I guess if your job requires drawing then the versatility would be great but otherwise who would want to spend that when iOS still isn’t as useful as MacOS?

    I was thinking about getting Powerbeats Pro but the Apple blogs said there have been regulatory filings for an upgraded model this week so i guess I’ll hold on. Gimme that ANC.
  19. Who’s getting the SE 2?
  20. kal


    I’m waiting for the 12.
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