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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Uno


    Is there a full list of songs that are available in Spatial Audio? There are a few incomplete playlists out there but I feel like I generally have to hunt songs down on my own to see.
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  2. There are apps such as songswap which let you copy playlists from Spotify to Apple Music.

    Mostly happy with spatial but some of the bad ones (eg. Into You - missing ad libs, Bad Romance - missing a vocal line in the chorus, Born this Way - incredibly buried chorus vocals) need to be sorted ASAP.

    I debated going Lossless yesterday, but decided to take this test and turns out I can’t really hear the difference, so we’re sticking with lossy over here
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  3. I’ve found more acoustic albums have sounded much better with Spatial but some of the more electronic albums have some patchy issues. Chromatica, for instance, sounds a bit ass (more than usual) in places, while folklore/evermore sound incredible. I’m sure it will be a work in progress for a while but I’m quite happy with the differences I’ve heard so far.
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  4. Some of the older songs are just 5.1 surround mixes that are just transcoded through Atmos. Born This Way was released even before Atmos existed, so it was obviously not recorded with that in mind. The same way upscaling an SD video to 4K won't make it better.

    I'm blown away by St. Vincent's new album for example since you can tell that it was recorded, produced and mixed with the intention of having an Atmos mix.
  5. Thanks for this x
  6. Cruel Summer is missing the vocoder the whole way through the song with Atmos.

    I’ve turned it off for now.

    I’m more impressed with Lossless playing from my Apple TV to HomePods. Some songs especially the 24 bit ones sound crystal clear and I’m hearing details in tracks that were either muddy or inaudible before.

    While AirPods Pro don’t do lossless I’ve turned it on anyway because some of the non-Apple Digital Masters or just older albums in general sound like they were poorly ripped in 256kbps AAC years ago. The lossless versions are converting from lossless to 256kbps to play on the AirPods and they sound much better with a better source to begin with. Avril Lavigne’s Under My Skin sounds a lot less distorted and noisy in particular.
  7. RMK


    Wait, AirPods Pro don't play the lossless? Is there a point in bothering with any of it unless you have the Pro Max's or better headphones?
  8. The Max’s don’t play lossless unless it’s wired and even then Apple have said it’s not fully lossless because of the conversion needed to go digital to analog to digital to get to the headphones.
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  9. RMK


    Interesting. You mentioned that it's still higher quality because it's pulling from the lossless file to covert into 256kbps. Isn't Spotify always using 320?
  10. Spotify is using 320kbps OGG files. AirPods have a codec that handles 256kbps AAC over Bluetooth without dropping quality further. So Spotify playing on AirPods is actually much worse than Apple Music because it’s converting that lossy OGG into a worse quality AAC (and it’s a second conversion from the original source).
  11. This lossless audio is really incredible. A bit cumbersome to go back and delete things from my downloads in order to gain the lossless versions, but it’s worth it.
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  12. I’m not sure the upscaling comparison is quite right, my understanding is that they use the original stems to create new mixes, obviously this doesn’t mean that the end result is always good.
  13. We need the good sis to give us God Save the Queen in Atmos!!!
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  14. This is really the most annoying part of this. Like... just show me everything.
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  15. Yeah the playlist they have that compiles a bunch of songs from random albums is nice, but then if you click on the full albums, they're not entirely Dolby mastered. For example, Sheryl Crow's All I Wanna Do from her Very Best Of album is the only Dolby track. It's nice to hear the lossless versions, though.
  16. The audio really is great. Sometimes a bit too clear on some songs. Expose Selena's autotune a bitsy.
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  17. You really got this incredible new audio option and thought “Lemme test this on Selena?” ddddd.
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  18. The girls really talking about jumping to Apple Music when Spotify already announced Hifi in February and Apple just chucked this out to look like they were ahead of the curve nn
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  19. But camaaan Spotify. You late!
  20. I mean maybe actual work is being done on it as opposed to just throwing out products to put competitors out of business, which is the whole reason Apple Music exists :)
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