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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Latch in Atmos… is kind of a mess?! Sam’s chorus vocal is just pinging around the space like a demon set loose from hell frantically searching for a host.
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  2. Drag me sis!!

    I’m sticking with Spotify. Is Spotify HiFi essentially positioned to compete with Apple Music Lossless? I guess what I’m asking is if Spotify have publicly (or privately) hinted at Dolby Atmos Spacial or something similar?
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  3. I’ve browsed through the spatial playlists and some songs sound great and genuinely enhanced, while others are only negligibly different, and some stuff just sounds like a messy fan made “studio” version of a live performance.
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  4. The first thing I did was update all of my Hilary Duff albums dddd.
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  5. Yeah of course they’re using the original stems but what I meant that it’s not made specifically for Atmos. They’re just using a 5.1 mix whereas Atmos has 128 channels so this is why they sound messy and muffled.
  6. spatial audio is worth it to hear "this is me trying" alone... holy shit. this whole album sounds even better.
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  7. I did just sign up for a month and WHEW. I feel like I’m swimming in some of these songs. Cardigan and Blinding Lights!!

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  8. Don’t get the appeal of Spacial Audio, just listened to a few songs and the vocal seems so hollow in a way, at times the instrumental chaotic and bassless.
  9. Do I need to remove all my previous Apple Music downloads to get this to work? I’ve got Spatial turned on but I’m unsure if I’m actually hearing the benefits.
  10. Sam


    Yeah then re-download
  11. Thanks, I’ve done this now, and wow, Rain On Me is sending me.
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  12. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Daddy's Home is the only record I've heard with spatial audio so far that actually makes a difference (though I should clarify I haven't listened to any of the Taylor albums with it yet). Makes me feel like I've got a table right next to the stage in a jazz bar and I can hear all the instruments' sounds up close.

    It definitely isn't nearly as impressive on songs with fuller production. It just means an ad-lib that previously sounded a bit to the right of me now sounds a bit to the right and a bit in front of me.
  13. I agree some genres or styles of music it sounds really great but I find as you said tracks with fuller production it seems to get messy, also r&b and rap type songs I find the bass is lost.
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  14. august was worth the trial sign up alone to be honest. There's a synth intro opening that I didn't even realize was there before, and I've listened to the song 100+ times? There are also woodwinds all over it that I hadn't heard before.

    As much as I've enjoyed the songs that have this updated audio it's certainly not worth switching over just for a clutch of material, some of which admittedly leaves a bit to be desired. It's a great novelty but I can imagine competitors have comparable upgrades up their sleeve inevitably. Still not regretting the transition to Spotify at the start of the year!
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  15. Got another free trial to see what the tea is and the BUTCHERING of “Into You” has knocked me out. The iconic 4 beat intro just being… gone. Every ad-lib sounding like it’s being played from under next door’s sofa cushions. The chorus and middle 8 production sounding like… that! And in pride month no less.

    Watch your back Apple

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  16. RMK


    This post single handedly saving my Spotify subscription.
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  17. It's very hit and miss - some songs sound great whereas others just sound different and not in a great way.

    I'd compare it to older movies having their mono soundtracks remixed in 5.1- which is also very hit and miss and usually has me opting for the original.
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  18. How were you listening? I ran to listen to the Dangerous Woman album with spatial audio on my AirPods and entire channels were just missing and sounded like what you were describing. Then I played it from my Macbook + powered 5 channel speakers and it sounded fantastic.
  19. I just went and listened to Into You after reading this thread and fucking hell. It sounded like a demo on my iPhone 12. Lets switch Atmos off.
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