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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. RMK


    It's cool to hear vocals clearer, or harmonies you missed, but it's nothing of a replacement. At least, not yet. It does feel sort of thrown together, but that's what happens with new technology. All Marina's new songs are extremely quiet. I feel like ballads with more stripped production benefit from it.. SOUR tracks sound decent.
  2. Does anyone ever get random changes made to their library? I just noticed that fka Twigs' Holy Terrain from her Magdalene album was missing, but it was just above the album as a single instead. It's still the same song, but just a bit weird that it should pop away from the album and be a standalone single version with different artwork etc. I never added it that way and added the entire album, so I am not sure why this change has happened!
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  3. This keeps happening for me with Hung Up, Sorry and Missy Elliott's Lose Control.
    Also at point All The Lovers got replaced with the Abbey Road version and I had it twice.
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  4. The new Lossless quality keeps causing my CarPlay to crash and I’m OVER it ddd. This is about to make me switch to Spotify.
  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Can't you turn it off in Music settings?
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  6. I did, but as I drive some downloaded songs will come up still in lossless, and then CarPlay crashes and I have to fiddle with everything. I suppose I need to go in and delete all my downloads again to get everything back to normal.

    Regardless, it’s all a bit cumbersome and sloppy.
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  7. Ok after a few weeks with Spatial Audio and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Dolby Atmos is a complete mess 90% of the time but the way Spatial Audio magically spruces up regular stereo tracks is game changing in my opinion. How everything that once sounded in your head now feels a feet away is amazing. Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos seems to work best with acoustic, RnB and intricately produced dance music.
  8. It does this?
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  9. I’m finding spatial audio a very mixed bag. Some stuff sounds truly awful with it. Lower volume, muddy sound etc. And I’m using AirPods Max. Most stuff sounds far clearer with spatial audio turned off.
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  10. To my ears it does? To me it sounds like listening to stereo TV audio but with more discrete CD quality sound. The soundscape is more spacious. Plus if you love bass its definitely more defined. I also think some people are confusing Dolby Atmos with Spatial Audio. To me they are two different technologies but bundled under the same moniker.
  11. Spaital Audio is very hit or completely elevates some songs and sounds amazing, but it sounds a mess on other songs. A few songs have elements/instruments totally missing in the Dolby Atmos version.
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  12. P__


    Yeah, I don't get it. Stereo tracks played with spatial on/off sound the same to me?
  13. If Spatial Audio is enabled/available on the song you're listening to, you'll see a "Dolby Atmos" symbol while the song is playing. It's not available for everything yet.
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  14. P__


    I know, but the person above is suggesting that they can tell the difference with standard stereo tracks while the Dolby Atmos option is turned on. This is why I'm confused, because to me there's no difference whatsoever when it comes to stereo tracks.
  15. This is the misconception and what people are failing to see (hear). Spatial audio also works on regular stereo tracks not encoded with Dolby Atmos. I guess it’s Apples on implementation? Vocals are definitely sound “in front” with harmonies coming from the sides. Bass is boosted and percussions sound more clear. When you tilt your head to left or right it sounds like a TV or Boombox is in front of you. I am on iOS 15 beta so I’m not sure if that makes a difference.
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  16. Oh yes I just did a bit of reading and iOS 15 beta might be it! Looking forward to trying it. I wonder how they implement it with a regular stereo track though? Maybe isolating typical frequencies to place vocals in front etc.
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  17. That’s probably the case. It’s subtle but you can definitely hear the difference. They got me hooked and I’ll be subscribing to Apple Music once my trial is done.
  18. Ahh that probably does make a difference, I'm not on iOS15. Excited to try it! Does it work for all tracks?
  19. P__


    Might be an iOS 15-only thing, because I've tried to hear the differences both on headphones as well as my amp/speakers setup with iOS 14 installed and I struggled each time. I'll download the beta version and compare again, hopefully with better results this time.
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