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Apple Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. This needs AirPods to work though, right? The head tracking thing I mean
  2. Yes! Right now I’m listening Aaliyah’s Loose Rap (which I know is not on Apple Music). It’s sounds gorgeous!

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  3. Spatial absolutely sounds incredible on more acoustic albums (Daddy's Home, folk/evermore) and absolutely shit on more electronic albums (Chromatica). Hope they find the nice middle ground, but future albums that will be recorded with this feature in mind will surely benefit more than past albums.
  4. I’m tempted to get the iOS 15 public beta when it drops to try spatial audio. Dev beta 2 dropped on Friday and the first public beta usually follows a few days after dev beta 2 each year.

    I’ve had Dolby Atmos turned off since day one. I hate that elements are missing like adlibs, instruments etc because that just makes no sense to me and I’d consider it a defect.
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  5. Absolutely. Elements missing is a huge no-no for me. That’s not how the artist intended.
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  6. The Dolby Atmos versions aren't made by Apple but by the artists themselves, so I find it weirder that they approved some of these albums. Apple Music is just playing whatever the labels are sending them.
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  7. I mean let's face it, "by the artists themselves" 99% of the time is going to mean that they had an assistant throw their ProTools projects over to sound engineer and then waving the result through after a cursory listen while preparing their breakfast.
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  8. I’ve had to switch Lossless off as some songs were either taking forever to load or were cutting out part way through.
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  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I mean...yeah? I think most people understood that it meant it was coming from their camps, and not necessarily the direct artist.
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  10. It’s just weird that some of these they clearly didn’t even check to see if it sounded alright before sending it to Apple. But maybe something in iOS15 will make the messy ones sound better?
  11. Do you want to know what sounds amazing in Dolby?

    Call Me Maybe.
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  12. Apple’s own Spatial Stereo will probable sound better than most of the Dolby Atmos versions. There is a reason why Apple lets you turn off Dolby Atmos completely off while still having Spatial Stereo on.
  13. I guess, but I was specifically responding to spaceship's comment about it being weird that the artists approved the mixes. Even if "the artists" in this case refers to their camps in general it imo still goes to show that the Atmos mixes are an afterthought, if they are officially approved or not.
    (For now at least. Anecdotes of the Beatles not giving a crap about those silly newfangled stereo mixes are legendary at this point, as we know how that turned out.)
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  14. RMK


    Does anyone own a pair of AirPod Pro Max? The price tag is a bit ridiculous, but they seem like a great pair of headphones. Just don't know if it's worth the investment.
  15. I’m quoting my reply from a few pages ago in this thread, but bottom line if you have AirPods Pro, it’s not worth it in my opinion.
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  16. Wait, I paid my annual £25 for iTunes Match just last month, is this now included with Apple Music?
  17. kal


    Always has been.
  18. Last time I got rid of iTunes Match was when I got Apple Music in 2016 it changed all my uploaded single edits etc not available on streaming to the available album version which is resulted in me resubscribing to iTunes Match which restored the original uploads to my library, if this is still the case then I’ll be keeping it for now.
  19. kal


    Oh, I can’t tell you what would happen if you unsubscribe. I only use iTunes Match, and the only song that isn’t matched properly in my library is the Keisha version of Get Sexy - I always get the Jade one when streaming.
  20. iTunes Match and Apple Music are not bundled and are different services.
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