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Apple Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. kal


    iTunes Match and Apple Music both offer access to iCloud Music Library. Yes, they are separate subscriptions, with Apple Music offering access to unlimited streaming, but they both have the cloud library in common.
  2. Surely it sounds amazing when not in Dolby Atmos?

    “If you have an Apple Music membership, you get all of the benefits of iTunes Match, plus access to the entire Apple Music catalogue.”
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  4. They may say that, but it's not true. If I have a rare Kylie demo in my library but have only Apple Music, that demo will not be available for me in the cloud to stream.
  5. [​IMG]
    Then explain my uploaded and streamable tracks that don’t exist on Apple Music? All without an iTunes Match purchase.
  6. Yeah it’s a bit frustrating really, lots of my songs matched to the clean versions of songs, I've just tolerated it as there was no going back once I first matched.
  7. Have you made sure that your iTunes Cloud Library is updated? Sometimes I have to manually do that in the top settings to make sure it hits the Cloud.

    The process is a lot more straight forward on a Mac vs a Windows PC, but as the above user shared, I have hundreds of demos in the cloud while only having Apple Music.
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  8. I only pay for Apple Music and I have all my unreleased stuff in the cloud. It’s the main reason why I’ll never switch to Spotify.
  9. Well then it seems like I'm an outlier. I've been a Mac/iPhone user since 2012 and adopted iTunes Match immediately after converting and have had Apple Music for years as well yet when I canceled iTunes Match, I lost the ability to play my non-matched music, so I had to re-subscribe. Guess I need to open a support ticket with Apple and Karenly demand a few years worth of Match subscription costs back.
  10. Is anyone else having a playback problem on their iPhones? Lately, a lot of tracks for me either just stop at 15 seconds and won’t continue to play when I press play/pause, or they if they do resume play then keep pausing themselves every 15 or so seconds. It’s really annoying! It doesn’t happen on all tracks though.
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  11. Are you using AirPods?
  12. This is my situation as well, I'm half tempted to start from scratch and upload it all again, but lossless this time.
  13. This happens to me as well when I'm using my Air Pods and not connected to WiFi. It seems to be the songs I've downloaded most recently as well for some reason.
  14. Same when I'm using AirPods, but I've realised that I only have the issue when I'm on WiFi. It seems like there is some sort of interference between Bluetooth and WiFi.
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  15. This was a bug with offline playback / Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio whatever. Make sure you update to the latest software.
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  16. No - Bowers & Wilkins P5 wireless headphones.
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  17. This is fixed in iOS 14.7.1
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  18. Sam


    Anyone got the public beta installed? Is it stable yet?
  19. It’s been stable since beta 1 but there’ll be bugs regardless. So install at your own risk
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  20. Sam


    I'll stick it on my iPad, thanks sis!
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