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One thing I’m never sure about the play counts here - if I play a song when it’s just a single loads, and then when the album comes out I delete the single release and just play it in the album, does it combine the plays? I’m guessing probably not…
I'm so glad they fixed the play count. The last time I logged into replay, which was perhaps back in September, my most played song only had 12 plays. Now the same song, which I haven't played since then, has almost 200 plays which is more accurate, although it is still not 100% correct.

Although I will say my album plays are very inaccurate still. Thankfully I have to compare but the play count for my albums is off by a high margin.

Apple Music Replay still has a long way to go. They need to fix their accuracy and the overall package, but I'm glad to finally have something.
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To absolutely no surprise, Taylor is my top artist and Midnights, after only being out for a month, is my top album. I was surprised though that Omar Apollo made his way into my top 3! I’ve always liked him but after Ivory eviscerated me, I went back and hammered the shit out of his entire discography but I didn’t realize it was that much. Tamagotchi ended up my #2 and Church Girl was my #5 which sounds about right, though I didn’t realize I’d even played it that much. I would’ve thought Thique would take the spot but anything from Renaissance is a win. Doja also remains firmly among the top for me, I only slightly let her discography breathe this year. Bad Bunny also made some appearances (Otro Atardecer had me in a trance for a solid two months). There were some actual surprises and I’d share the stats from Apple Music itself but I am not emotionally stable enough for some of the draggings I’d receive and deserve so that’ll do for now!

Music is so viscerally tied with the passage of time and memory for me, so I’m excited that these type of year end wraps are so big now. It’s a trip for me to listen to the whole playlist and remember exactly how I felt and where I was when certain songs took over. I used to make big year end playlists on my own but they were probably a bit biased because I could just leave stuff out if I decided I was passed a particular phase and it looked a bit more like a highlight reel than anything. The sheer emotional turbulence of music that my Replays have been over the last couple of years…lord.
The stats are strange and must only count “matched” songs if you are library girlie. But visually, I’ll take it!
Mine wouldn't load for 2 days on my phone but took mere seconds on desktop.

It does feel like there's lots missing but it also feels correct that Carly was top of all my rankings. Queen of stats.
I appreciate them for actually trying this year. The stats aren't too far off from what says. But the share button doesn't work on any browser I've tried so far.