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Apple Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Amazing.
  2. Ray


    I have a 1GB data plan, Android phone and subscription to Spotify that I only use on my home Mac. I pay 5 euro a month. It will be quite difficult to get me to switch unless they offer downloads to ALL mobile devices along with streaming.

    We'll see in a week, anyway. For all we know they may announce iHeadphones which will be the usual Beats headphones with 16 GB of Flash memory.
  3. I use spotify AND Google music, paid subscriptions, between all devices. I can remote with one device to change music on the other. I also own a great portion of my music. Unless apple music is cross platform, with all the tools of my current services I am not switching.

    Also for those who won't stream music because you want to "own" your music, I shake my head at you. Mp3s are mp3s are mp3s, the difference is that you store them on an HDD that's likely to fail while all of my tunes are stored and backed up. I can call on my entire library at a button.
  4. I love Spotify but I know it's not perfect. I'm interested to see how much Apple Music will cost and how much it'll have on it - I want it to plug the gaps in my collection ideally. I also don't want this to turn in some kind of competition where you can only get so-and-so on this service but so-and-so on this service, so you just have to subscribe to both for the small fee of £90 a song. Mind you, if that happens I could see people just going back to owning a music collection, so hopefully the streaming services will avoid that.
  5. I think this is disastrous for the music industry. The Apple monopoly continues. It will be the natural logical choice for music streaming for pretty much everyone over time and will only give Apple more buying power and hold over record companies artists and most importantly the music buying public.
  6. It's a no from me. I think I'll end up becoming a digital Luddite.
  7. As opposed to all my music which Tim Cook personally deleted from the Apple servers the day I bought it?
  8. Who said you can't back up an HD? I don't listen to my entire library daily. I can easily make a weekly playlist and put it on my phone. It takes like 5 minutes.

    And also, what happens with the songs that aren't available or artists that don't want their songs on these services?
  9. Also, it should be noted that music through Spotify("extreme quality", 320kbps) sounds markedly worse(because of the compression method and file format I suppose) than music ripped from a CD at the same rate and output from the same device. There is more to sound quality than kbps.
  10. If they could get to releasing a dedicated iPod that uses an removable SD card for storage (or at least over 100 GB of storage), that'd be great.

    The streaming stuff is mildly interesting but my main music listening source is still going to be my iPod/mp3 player/record collection.
  11. Apple and the labels are still in negotiatians about shares, only a few days before the service is going to be announced:

    Apple are hardly going to be happy giving up a higher share than Spotify does, so maybe they're given guarantees that other streaming services will have to give up more too?
  12. kal


    Actually, the labels always have a "Most Favored Nation" clause in all of their contracts, so if Apple agrees to give them 60% they will force all the other streaming services to do the same.

    The labels' greed is never ending.
  13. This is Apple we're talking about
  14. They're announcing this on Monday, right?
  15. Yes!

    I hope they announce a new iPod, even if just a mild update, because I suspect this will be the last before they totally discontinue them.
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  16. I've been waiting for this since I first downloaded iTunes back in 2004 or whenever.
  17. kal


    I doubt they'll be announcing new iPods at WWDC. I highly doubt they'll be announcing new iPods ever again, to be honest.
  18. This is my fear. You can kind of see why they wouldn't want to take away from a brand new streaming business by releasing an upgrade of a primarily storage based device. If they ignore them at this WWDC then I expect them to quietly discontinue most of the lines in a year or two, similar to the how they culled the classic.
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  19. I don't think I'll ever fall out of love with the idea of a discrete music library curated by me and accessible only to me. I moved flats recently and got rid of a lot of old, "sentimental value"-type things, but my CD collection is & probably always will be ring-fenced.
  20. Sorry, long post as I'm bored and on my break:

    My comment is controversial, but I'm in IT so I have trouble accepting conventional/luddite values in regards to quickly updating technology. It just limits you if you expect to take your music on an HDD or SSD with you for the rest of your life.
    I back my entire library up in the cloud on google music, it allows you to backup and stream your music up to 20,000 songs. This is a FREE service google has that not a lot of people know about.

    I have a conventional library of all the music I listen too that I could also listen to on spotify or Play music, and it exists backed up online, and on my HDD. I have a dedicated shelf with conventional CD's as a shrine to my habit. My personal library is over 20,000 songs and I have personally curated it over many many years. You can still have all that and STILL take advantage of free services like streaming music. I am not a rich person, far from it, I have lived destitute for many years and can still afford this habit.

    and honestly, I don't have 5 minutes every day to make a playlist of what I want to listen to, because often I don't know what mood I'm in, and I think I deserve to have a choice to listen to my entire library and NEW music as soon as its released on my device. The technology exists and it can be free. I pay 10 bucks for spotify premium, and I think that's the perfect amount of money to spend on my music each month. Its a drop in the bucket. If I like an album or artist, I support them by seeing the shows and buying merch. If I REALLY want local files I will either obtain them for free in a shady way or buy the album for additional support.

    Streaming music is the ultimate way to 'try before you buy', and has effectively made me pirate less music, and I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

    Regardless, like I said above, I will not be using this apple service unless its cross platform, higher quality, or better and cheaper then what I have now. Sorry I said I was shaking my head at people who don't use streaming services, I am not digging at people for preferring to use traditional hard disk/SDD for enjoying their music, that's totally cool and on you, but I hope I can shed some perspective on the other side from a technical/convenience standpoint.
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