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Apple Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. TIDAL was the best thing that could have happened for Apple.

    I predict domination with this one to be honest.
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  3. Ew I hate Zane Lowe's voice.

    Also the Florence promo is on point.
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  5. TM


  6. I love Drake.
  7. Drake is flawless.
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    "I hope you enjoy Apple Music, I hope you enjoy Connect. My name is Drake, thank you for your time."
    Gotta love Drake.

    He also said he's working 'tirelessly' on his new album. #noneforRihanna
  9. Oh God.

    It really is the final nail in the coffin for TIDAL.
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  11. Any word on pricing?
  12. Not yet!

    Widely predicted at 9.99 with a free three month trial.

    Oh, all music videos ad-free too.

    I'm kind of here for the radio station too?
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    $9.99 a month, $14.99 for the family plan. Launching June 30th (on Android too, I think).

    Siri plays songs/playlists and remembers chart positions.
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  14. So Apple Music is basically a music playing, purchasing, streaming, and radio playing app with a comments section?
  15. So it'll be around the same as Spotify when converted to AUD... I'm down with this. Mainly cause I think Spotify is ugly as shit.
  16. Oh Connect seems really cool actually. I love the idea of acts being able to post demos etc.

    This is perfect, I'm in.
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  17. So what about this is better than Spotify?
  18. Oh my god the Siri functionality. Amazing.
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  19. TM


    Launching June 30 in 100 countries with Android this fall.

    Free for 3 months - confirmed.

    The 14.99 family option includes 6 people!

    "LOL" Tidal
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  20. Does anyone actually use Siri routinely or is it just a novelty thing for the first couple of weeks of owning an iOS device?
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