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Apple Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Yeah it does so that's interesting. It's only really the fact that I'd have to use iTunes on my Windows pc that's putting me off now.
  2. SBK


    It'll just integrate, that's just cloud storage for music you've purchased.
  3. Same. Just like everything else Apple, if you don't own all of their products, it's useless.
  4. Does Apple Music include EVERYTHING that is available to buy on iTunes.

    I'm only interested if it includes my K-Pop.
  5. What is the complaint with iTunes on Windows? I only have a PC and I absolutely adore it.
  6. If it doesn't have Belinda Carlisle's 'Heaven Is A Place On Earth' then it could legitimately be a deal breaker for me.
  7. I have both and they are identical.
  8. They are the exact same, I have a Mac now but had a Dell for years.

    Sigh of relief at them getting it right.

    Shockbox the entire iTunes library is available from what I understand.
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  9. So basically every song on itunes ever for 9.99 a month?

    Apple take my money!
  10. RJF


    I've never really got people who howl with despair at iTunes updates and spend the next three years doggedly dodging every single update.
  11. I don't get why people moan about the current version of iTunes, it runs smoother than ever.
  12. Okay, I know SoundJam wasn't great, but would you honestly have wanted Apple to buy any other music player at the time? If Apple had purchased Audion instead, there probably would be no Apple to speak of today at all.
  13. So can someone confirm 100 percent that this will sync your ENTIRE Itunes library, as well as provide streaming services?

    What i'm saying is, I have over 20,000 local songs in my library, 90% of that was -not- bought with itunes. Will it sync and stream my music library like google music does?

    If it can do that, allow me access to all new content and music AND is available on my android device and allows for a family plan I would switch to this service.

    It is crucial that local files NOT purchased by itunes be accessible.
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  14. I am this person then have that day where I need to download three years worth of updates in an afternoon, a dark time.
  15. kal


    I'm not really here for this yet. I might give the trial a shot in a few months.

    People who moan about iTunes are either complete technophobes running on 10+ year old office computers or they just diss it because it's Apple.

    I mean, yeah, iTunes was shit on Windows but that was 5 years ago.
  16. There's this one part on the website:
    Your entire library lives in iCloud when you’re an Apple Music member. First, we identify all the tracks in your personal collection and compare them to the Apple Music library to see if we have copies. If we do, we make them instantly available in iCloud across all your devices. If you have music that’s not in the Apple Music library, we upload those songs from iTunes on your Mac or PC. And because it’s all stored in iCloud, it won’t take up any space on your devices.

    I'm not sure if that's what you mean, it seems sort of confusing but I'm sure they'll go into more detail about it all within the next few weeks.
  17. Here's why itunes is shit:

    The answer from a technical standpoint on why itunes on windows sucks: It hogs all memory, is poorly optimized and is a nuisance with updates and early versions of itunes had HORRIBLE file sorting structure as well as file discovery mechanics. I have been using itunes begrugingly since its inception, and I can tell you without a shred of a doubt that earlier versions of itunes offer a more stable and robust service, the newer versions DO not.
    I have a high end computer that I built myself and itunes runs like absolute garbage and gets more bloated with every tiny update.

    I will research the library uploading thing, because honestly, I would be here for this if that was the case.
  18. So by the looks of it we are now getting (a hopefully improved) iTunes Match included as well?

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  19. Admittedly I haven't used iTunes for a while on my pc so I should probably bite the bullet and get it downloaded. I just never have reason to use it anymore. I use Spotify for my music on my phone, and I use it for all the local files that are on my pc. I don't have an issue with using iTunes on my phone if I have to but the desktop version was always just hideous. I don't even know how many times I ended up syncing in a never ending loop, not knowing what the dick what was happening. It's very possible this was due to my own stupidity though.
  20. I've resisted streaming services so far because I have a large library of downloaded files, but it looks like this is going to integrate "local files" in a much better way than Spotify does, so I can see myself giving in at some point and subscribing.
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