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April 2019 PJ Charts: And none for Taylor, byeeeeeee!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. BTS AND HALSEY? Good god please nobody else vote for this.
  2. Here we have 2 newly released amazing Pop boy albums.
    David44 makes some straight up quality tunes. He's got a lot of slower current sounding songs but they're quite timeless.
    @CasuallyCrazed @saviodxl

    Highs & Lows is that R&B Pop album you need this year and it comes from Alexander Oscar.
    @londonrain @slaybellz
  3. [​IMG]

  4. I've known David44 for a while and quite enjoy his sound! I'll take a listen at Alexander Oscar, but I have another pop boy in my list this month

    And of course, my Eurovision fave
  5. I just listened to this and Faces is the clear standout.

    I tried voting for my Eurovision fave last month and nobody else voted for it. I'll probably end up voting for it again this month given how much I've been hammering it already.

  6. [​IMG]

    If you wanna vote for some of the Melfest flops you might have my support. Not this ddddd
  7. It's such a blatant attempt to recreate the vocal style and sound of this, and I'm kind of here for the shamelessness.

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  8. Faye Webster put out another song. Will anybody support my dreams of having her on the charts at least once?

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  9. Weyes Blood is the frontrunner for my album ballot at the moment. Lizzo may challenge that next week.

    Tracks I'm still working out, but one recommendation I have is this Amber Mark bop. Perfect for when you're strutting around the street in a big coat, as the video proves!

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  10. Oh I am very into this but the rap takes me out. Would have loved to have noname in there instead of Father.
  11. It sounds like a bop from the snippets. I can’t promise I won’t vote for it nñn.
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  12. If the only Kpop artist you ever vote for is BTS then I cannot speak to you anymore.
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  13. Suddenly I’m found looking for another Kpop song to vote for.
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  14. @Slice of Life blackmailed a new one.
  15. @Robsolete will be happy to know this is definitely getting my votes this month, it's really grown on me:

    I'll probably throw some points at The Veronicas too.
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  16. Jessica Mauboy stans, there's a new song around that I might support

    Ellie Goulding ppl, maybe Flux is not the only song we might wanna include this time?

    And since her recent singles don't seem to have an impact here, maybe the album will... C'mon 90s gays (80s too)
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    We cannot fail this time.

  18. Upon further review, I will decidedly not be voting for the BTSley collab. A cute girl, but not worth my points.
  19. Phew. I cannot stand BTS- there are way better Kpop groups that deserve Western recognition, plus their stans are insufferable.
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