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April 2022 PJ Charts: #1 Song Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Apr 17, 2022.

  1. And a couple of albums that came out today everyone needs to listen to/vote for:

  2. The kii of Basique doing promo for Dalida and Zaoui in one video!

    Who am I to argue? Vote both <3
  3. Albums chart looking a little sparse? Room for some fun throwback R&B?

    Give it a listen if you like Amber Mark, early Solange, or VanJess!
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  4. Kehlani’s new album dropped today as well!
  5. Some more albums to consider voting for this month:

  6. Another great album that came out yesterday:

  7. Watch2gether starting here in about 15 minutes! Please let me know if the link doesn't work.
  8. Look what arrived as soon as I got back from brunch!

    95A56AB1-FE2F-49B5-827E-1977CD5AE97C.jpeg 54064A55-3251-4E74-A017-DD165762AEED.jpeg D4F6FFD4-0910-4341-B272-76A10207EC49.jpeg B7941B45-5A5D-4DB9-B55A-2284960F2C5E.jpeg

    Amazing!! <33
  9. FYC: Rapjustice -
    Ramona Park Broke My Heart - Vince Staples

    FYC: R&Bjustice -
    Broken Hearts Club - Syd

    FYC: Countryjustice -
    Bronco - Orville Peck
  10. Who's ready for some last minute FYC singles?

    Kind Of Girl - MUNA

    Sleep Tight - Holly Humberstone

    victim of nostalgia - mxmtoon

    Cardboard Box - FLO
    (an MNEK production!)

    Where you are - PinkPantheress feat. WILLOW
  11. Maybe I should send in a ballot of Eurovision songs?
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  12. I'm not sure I would call this a great album - in fact, I don't know if I'd even call it an album, as it's less than half an hour long, and two of the tracks are short interludes. But it is something, I guess, that came out on Friday made by Chelsea Jade (of the Lorde - Mood Ring music video fame), and many of the songs on it are brilliant, and Chelsea ensured I would be in her corner forever after the excellence of her debut album Personal Best, so it's getting points from me. Hopefully from some of you too.

    If you want to vote for a song then my pick is "Best Behaviour" which has a video featuring Starstruck star Rose Matafeo, proving once more that all notable New Zealanders seem to be connected in one way or another:

  13. Almost didn't notice, but here's another bop released last Friday
  14. I've been in Disney World the last week, so I was basically in a pixie dust bubble & checked out of everything ddd. I need to get caught up on some listening, but I should be able to get a ballot together.
  15. Just going to post my favourite discoveries from the watch2gether (better late than never dd):

  16. Well, I should do the same:

  17. If you enjoyed Tout Savoir and want to experience more of Ade's charm - feel free to check out the Making Of:

    No me thinking that plastic Cowboy was totally CGI but it's actually a head-to-toe costume! I'd be so creeped out if I saw that in real life! Dddd

    Vote #Ade-ToutSavoir!
  18. Please throw your support to Hey Violet!

    Never Settling Again is the one.
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