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April Fools Day

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by robots need oil, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Since today is the day.

    Has anyone done any 'hilarious' pranks on April Fools? Or just stupid ones, like my mum, every year telling me I have bread in my hair. RUBBISH MOTHER.
  2. I had this really lame one where I used to put a zig zag shape from one side of the mirror to the other in the bathroom and it looked like it was cracked. Nobody was stupid enough to fall for it though.

    My boyfriend got me by telling me my brother had a pet hamster which was in a cage beside his bed. I was like WHAT and went in to look. I'm so gullible.
  3. Oh that reminds me, one year, when my friend's guinea pig had died her sister came running into the room and shouted "GUINEA PIG IS STILL ALIVE" to which my friend was overjoyed, then her sister just said "not really, APRIL FOOLS"!

    So cruel!
  4. My Cousin is an accountant and she is going to tell her boss in the morning that she is pregnant, due on the 1st of jan just in time for their busiest time of year- Tax returns!! He is gonna flip!!
  5. I do love a bit of the cruel April Fools jokes.
  6. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I have ...plans.

    But I don't buy that "only before midday" nonsense.
    We never set such limits on our tomfoolery.

    Maybe it's an English thing?
  7. I've never really got involved in it all. However, last year a friend of mine did tell his girlfriend once that he'd slept with her brother. She was naturally fuming.
  8. Our local radio had a "hilarious" fake news story about a man that keeps seagulls as pets or something and had named them after the DJs. Shamefully, I fell for it, until my mum pointed out the obvious.
  9. DigitalSpy has a story has a story about Reese Witherspoon being willing to rap with Joaquin Phoenix which sounds dodgy to me - though it does say the quote is from an interview with Empire, so who knows...
  10. Like pretending on facebook that you've fallen down the stairs and are waiting for an ambulance?? ha ha
  11. Aw crap, I hate April Fools. I'm not a fan of pranks, practical jokes etc - all that happens is I end up grumpy and quite shouty, and people think I have no sense of humour, while I continue to fume and want to smash their faces in.

    So, in short: No.
  12. I usually pull the 'I'm pregnant' one on my Dad. He never falls for it.
  13. I just found out my Sky+ failed to record the final two Battlestar Galactica's last week.

    That better be a fucking joke for the machine's sake.
  14. NME.com says Kasabian are singing at the England match tonight, I hope this isn't an April Fool...
  15. A friend of mine in work just txt some guy who is off today and told him that we were all being made redundant on the the 18th as an April Fool. He's believed this and caused chaos in the HR department.
  16. Cos you're a bloke!?
  17. Oh no! It's so hard to read people's tone over the internet that I can't tell if you're joking, or if you really do think I'm a boy...
  18. Ha Ha, no, I was joking! I have read some of your posts before and know you are a girl....sorry if I caused any offense!
  19. Haha, don't worry, no offense caused, I just wasn't sure.
  20. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    It's extra funny because I live in a bungalow.

    Oh no. I hope you can find a torrent or something...
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