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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 5343, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. Yes and We wanna party was also on Lenes debut album.
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  2. Turn Back Time remains flawless. Incredible song. One of my favorite Aqua videos. Then there are the live performances from the last few tours which just blow me away every time. That’s pop perfection right there. All I need is the Aquarius vinyl in my hands and a Megalomania announcement to round out the collection. I’m happy to hear they’re still working towards a fourth album. They haven’t disappointed me yet.
  3. I didn’t realise they were working on a 4th album? When did they mention that?
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  4. In a huge Rolling Stones interview they gave last month to celebrate 25 years since Aquarium…
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  5. New single “Hero” can be heard around 14 minutes in. Not the best quality but you get the idea. Beautiful song!
  6. Does anyone know if the LQ live recordings of Here Comes The Birds and the early third album tracks from the shows in 2001 are still floating around, or have they been lost to time and crashed hard drives? I’ve only come across a lyric video for Here Comes The Birds on YouTube which features an instrumental that isn’t Aqua. I hadn’t thought about these tracks in years and was hoping I’d find them on YouTube.
  7. Why isn't Hero in Eurovision?
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  8. I just wanted Denmark to win so they could be the interval act!
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  9. Didn't that already happen (and in Greece they just had TV ads over their slot).
  10. The best ESC interval ever. Didn't "Barbie" tell "Ken" to fuck off? The BBC had to dub over it.
  11. "Hiya Barbie!
    "Fuck off, Ken!"
  12. Not to my knowledge? SADLY
  13. It’s a shame really about the whole Barbie Girl thing… as a fan I try to pretend it doesn’t exist. Their songs are 10/10! Apart from that one. Typically that’s the one they’re known for. Thank goodness they weren’t a one hit wonder! Megalomania was a great album. They seem to perform Viva Las Vegas from that album A LOT!
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  15. You just making my life in one post. I was clearly dead that day.
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  16. What Barbie Girl thing? Without that song most of the world wouldn’t even have bought the great Aquarium.
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  17. Maybe not. It’s by far the worst song on the album though and that song was what resorted in their initial split they’ve said in interviews, they were sick of performing it. Now they’ve embraced it of course and maybe it’s not seen as naff as it once was, but I’m saying it’s a shame they’re known best for that song, when there’s far better in their discography.
  18. I can understand the frustration with having to constantly perform it and the association with it, at least they had other big hits too.
    I’ve personally never tired of it, and think it’s got better with age, in fact the whole album has. The only song on the album I don’t really care for is Be a Man.
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  19. Mvnl

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    Was this the actual artwork for me Spin Me A Christmas (if it even had any)?
  20. Was anyone at their UK gigs the last couple of days? Just wondered if they performed Hero. Wish they would hurry up releasing it!
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