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Arca - kick ii + kick iii + kick iiii + kick iiiii

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dennis, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. She really said "let me empty my Google Drive this week"
  2. I can't stop listening to Tiro, it's that demented banger.
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  3. Kick II has its moments, but everyone's been going crazy about III and now I can't seem to be patient for another three hours until it comes out.
  4. Also, the way that the Prada/Rakata video is such a serve that she said "let me do several screengrabs and use them as covers for all of my albums." I know that's right!
  5. Electra Rex slowly creeping into my brain. Cannot to dwelve into these masses of electronic exquisiteness
  6. Kick iii is really insane and will definitely end up being a fan favorite and probably lauded as the best album in the series. However, it's all about Kick iiii for me now. It's so beautiful, vulnerable, tender and quite unlike anything I've heard from Arca. I've seen comments comparing it to the self-titled, but I don't agree, it's completely a world of its own and for the most part it really sounds like it belongs to the future. It keeps unravelling and revealing some of the prettiest soundscapes I could imagine Arca producing.
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  7. I love kick iiii. Wasn’t too big on the previous two, despite some highlights, but this is gorgeous.
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  8. I'm gooped to see Shirley Manson serving her role on terminator on Kick iiii!

    Also, There's so much to listen too on all these, I find myself being more intrigued then ever to spend time with them all. "Queer" is so beautiful.
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  9. I think iiii is my favorite in terms of cohesiveness. It's got a lovely calm and warm synthy vibe that is really welcomed and works perfectly as a companion piece to her pussy-popping sisters.
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  10. The artwork for KICK i looks so bare-bones next to the others.
  11. Very


  12. That was fighting for gay rights, and people were killed. I kind of want an entire spoken word project from Shirley produced by Arca like this now
  13. She saw this tweet and said fuck the roman numerals.
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  14. Wow, kick iiiii is stunning! Arca really gave us an insane amount of range and emotion within these five albums.
  15. Loving all of this. We’re feasting this weekend.
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  16. Overwhelmed....right now I keep returning to kick iiii
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  17. 4 and 5 are the ones getting most of my attention right now. It's gonna take me some time to properly digest the immensity of high quality material here, but Bouqifloja annd Estrogen are something else. I feel like each of these albums deserves the attention that I've given to the first Kick.
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  18. It is way too early to pick favorites (and I notice that I really have problems enjoying some songs beauty because my attention is jumping from track to track...and the sheer masses of songs) but 4 and 5 really have a very special energy to them. The run from "Alien inside" onwards alone... then the "simplistic" instrumental tracks on 5 (Pu for example)...Arca snapped.
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  19. That's quite an overwhelming amount of material! Is there anything this KLK-bopping basique ass should check out?
  20. Maybe iii could be for you? It has a very aggressive energy to it: Incendio !!! , Electra Rex, Ripples are very good! (But all albums are very interesting listens...)
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