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Arcade Fire - 5th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Put Your Money on Me is one of my favourites off the album, so I’m glad it’s getting a video.
    I guess it’ll be those two songs they play on SNL too?
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  2. It’s out!

  3. Great performances

  4. Had a moment to this the other day. Forgot how fucking gorgeous and powerful it truly was. Still one of the best jams in history.
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  5. Surely this thread title should have been changed ages ago?!

    Come on girls.
  6. They kicked off their UK and Ireland tour last night in Dublin. I went and they were amazing. It was my first time seeing them live too. They kept the same setup as the American tour ie the stage like a boxing ring in the middle. I got right up front to the right hand side and had an amazing view. Lots of energy from start to finish.
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  7. I saw them last year at a festival in Holland and they were amazing. I‘m going to see them again on 18th April in Frankfurt and I can’t wait!
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  8. I was there too and it was absolutely incredible - the energy was amazing and the visuals were stunning. Loved every second of it.
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  9. I’m seeing them (only for the second time) tomorrow. I can’t wait.
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  10. Win ended up DJing at an 80’s night I was at last night.... amazing
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  11. I’d put this album away for a long time after 2-3 listens. I couldn’t connect with it back then. I heard it again today after a long time and fell in love with it instantly.. It’s a fun album, and there’s nothing wrong with that! I might actually play it again next week to see if I still like it..
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  12. Where would be the best place to stand? Like, what side of the ring?
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  13. I guess the best best place would be at the front part of the stage. But every band member often moves around to different instruments/positions around the stage. So I’d say wherever you can get closest.

    they walk through the crowd to the sides of the the stage. The path was marked out with tape. So if you stand near that you might get a chance to see them up close and personal as they walk past

    I also liked how they used the screens above the stage both during the concert and beforehand. Before they had different ‘adverts’ for the everything now songs so it would be good if you could see that too.
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  14. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to last night.
    Amazingly talented, and it was probably my hungover state, but Tunnels destroyed me. They always appear so humble, considering they are one of the biggest bands in the world...
    And as usual Regine was serving pure looks.
    The disco balls, the light show during Sprawl, the crowd, fantastic.
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  15. Amazing final show at Wembley last night - special guests were Florence and Boy George!

    Florence doing Dog Days

    Boy George

    Echo everything that has been said before - the band were brilliant.
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  16. I saw them again tonight in Birmingham. Win walked passed us twice for two different songs and I got to pat him on the shoulder. Amazing!
    They played a slightly different set list to when I saw them in Dublin too, so it was nice to hear a couple of different songs. Although there was no cover or no special guest tonight.
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  18. I’m lying in bed trying to sleep but can’t because I’m on such a high after tonight’s gig.

    They sounded amazing, that production was insane (better than any Pop Girl I’ve seen in the last year) and the crowd were something else. I had to keep apologising for how much I was dad dancing, but song after song was banger after banger. THAT REFLEKTOR SECTION!! Great setlist too, and bringing Jim Kerr from Simple Minds out to do Don’t You Forget About Me was a brilliant moment.
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  20. New remix alert

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