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Arcade Fire - 5th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. £65 a ticket for the tour seems a little on the steep side for arenas.

    I do love how they've revolved this campaign around a money hungry capitalist organisation but then release expensive tour tickets and their album on no less than 5 different formats (with limited editions of certain formats) on the same day.
  2. RJF


    Someone said this to me today and I really don't agree at all. They've been at this for nearly fifteen years, it's their fifth album, they always put on an elaborate show these days, and they are quite easily one of the best live acts in the world right now. I know that they will 100% justify that price, and I've paid more for less to be honest. More expensive than the last time I saw them in an arena (with The Suburbs in the SECC), but that was also nearly six years ago, and we all know how concert prices have inflated since then.
  3. I can't get over the negative reactions. I absolutely love it. Fantastic melodies and lyrics. I get the impression that some hipsters can't cope with the fact that they've gone for a more obvious melodic pop sound for some of the songs, as opposed to the depressing dark stuff of the last couple of albums.
  4. Banquet Records in Kingston are doing an Arcade Fire popup shop for a week from the 28th. It mainly just constitutes of the album and t-shirts, HOWEVER I really want one of those Creature Comfort Cereal boxes. Watch them be priced at £10 or something rediculous.
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  5. Anyone else have issues with the tour presale this morning? Ticketmaster returned "there has been an error" on three separate occasions for me, then wouldn't accept my code on the 4th. Finally got through the process around 9:50am this morning but there seems to be a lot of unhappy customers on social media.

    (Yes, I caved and spent £65 on a ticket)
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  6. I'm loving Everything Now. It's such a great track.
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  7. My vinyl arrived a day early and the Night Version is beautifully packaged. Got a nice hard plastic cover with it which contains the tracklisting and some detail on the front, an Everything Now newspaper inside it (with all the lyrics) and some great artwork of the band. The turquoise vinyl itself is possibly the best sound quality coloured vinyl I've come across. I'm obsessed with the album itself too, on my 2nd consecutive listen now.

    Only downside is that there's no download code which I'm sure I read somewhere was going to be included with it.
  8. RJF


    I didn't see this yesterday but I didn't have a single problem. Had my tickets by 9:01. It was actually the smoothest buy-the-album presale I've ever experienced. The code went out on time, I even got a reminder email half an hour before the sale, all the links went live at the right time (which has been a problem I've had numerous times in artist presales for Glasgow) and everything went off without a hitch. It has given me unrealistic expectations for Lana's presale tomorrow, which I'm assuming will be a fucking mess.

    I'm still waiting for my vinyl...
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  9. 5.6 from Pitchfork (and the review is harsher than the score), who have stubbornly clung to the notion that they can do nothing wrong for over a decade. Change is weird. Paradoxically I am way more interested in giving the album a fair chance now.
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  10. Dd. This betrayal was hilariously predictable, like all things Pitchfork these days.
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  11. Just awful.

    I'll never forget hearing "Rebellion" for the first time in my best friend's car while driving through a blizzard on a snow day my sophormore year of high school...what a rush. I felt like I was in a movie.
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  12. Really? Since when was £65 for an arena show expensive? That seems very fair to me.
  13. I´m one of the band´s biggets stans, but unfortunately I have to agree with the grade and review.

    Peter Pan, Chemestry and both Infinite Content´s are awful, at least I´ll get to use the rest of the album as an EP (in my mind)
  14. It's so upsettingly bad. Can we collectively agree the timeline is something along the lines of "Everything Now, Creature Comfort, something something something, next era"?
  15. The album is trash, sadly. Title track remains the best song by far. I thought We Don't Deserve Love was nice.
  16. RJF


    I feel so numb to thinking about Arcade Fire critically and have been for years. Not because they don't prompt it, and not because I'm a blind stan who thinks everything they do is perfect, but the rhetoric surrounding them has always been so aggressively full of shit.

    As someone whose gateway album to them was Neon Bible, I've found over the years that "I really love Funeral, but it's been downhill ever since!" is a phrase that has haunted them since... well, since about a month after Funeral's release to the point where it's lost all meaning. I think they're an incredibly formative band for a generation that writes a lot of the articles that fuel the narrative on them. People associate "Rebellion" and "Lights Out" with staying out all night and teenage house parties. People associate "Everything Now" with their office job and two precious weeks of paid leave a year and get mad about it. You can substitute "Everything Now" for "No Cars Go", "Ready To Start", and "Reflektor" in that sentence, and I feel that it still fits.

    I don't think they've ever released a bad album, this one included, which I find good overall with great moments. If I'm being frank, they have been slowly disappearing up their own asses for years and this album more than others really tests the listener's goodwill with some rather unnecessarily challenging forays into self-indulgence ("Infinite Content" is indeed trash, and it speaks to the strength of the title track that they just get away with cannibalising it twice and bookending the damn album with the parts) but they're the same as they've always been to me really. I don't think they're capable of being actively bad. They're too musically talented.

    The skinny of this post: they suffer from all the things acts with incredibly seminal albums do, where the audience is in fact the thing that has changed while the act has more or less remained the same, and the audience is furious about it. The truth about the quality can normally be found somewhere in between.
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  17. It might not be a classic album, but it is a great album. The songs that standout will be welcome additions to the live shows which are out of this world amazing. I can't wait to see them again next year. Everything Now is a special tune.
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  18. It's definitely an album of two halves - one half amazing (Everything Now, Signs of Life, Creature Comfort, the fantastic Electric Blue and We Don't Deserve Love) the other half pretty rubbish (everything else). It's a little disappointing but the five songs mentioned really are superb so I'll be keeping those on repeat.
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  19. What about Put Your Money on Me?
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  20. It's ok, it hasn't really grabbed me yet. It's definitely the best of the bad bunch!
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