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Are Girls Aloud taking over Off Topic?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by poploz, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Thanks to Mikey's excellent re-writing of Love/Hate, I remembered the Girls Aloud song of the same name.

    Then GA-dar (GA, not GAY) on, I noticed we now have the 'real life' thread.

    What Girls Aloud song will be next to inspire the Off Topic crew?
  2. Thanks Loz!

    My vote for next topic title is: No good advice.

    A thread about the worst advice you've ever been given, or the best that you decided not to take (FOOL!!).
  3. Sexy? No No No? Yes Yes Yes! - a place to discuss all the sexual frenzy that is already apprent on this forum, or maybe just to decide and discuss what clothes look good/bad.
  4. There's already another! The "Popstarz" thread - the show where Girls Aloud were created! (Albeit without a 'z')
  5. Also:

    Can't Speak French - the 'how to learn to learn a new language and actually say 'I get the feeling boy, i want you, i want you' type thread.

    Also available in other languages!
  6. BachelorNo2

    BachelorNo2 Guest

    Swinging ________ Town, a place for everyone to big up their town of choice.
  7. Girls Overboard.

    We should post pictures of girls falling into water.
  8. Big Brother

    Or would that go in the telly bit?
  9. Is it wrong of me to think that the first thing i thought of for the blank space was 'Swing Shagging Town'?!

    EDIT: Close to Love.

    A section for all you young, go-getting women who got <i>so</i> close to love but fell at the last hurdle. :(

    And failed.
  10. No, it just means you fit in around here.

    Control Of The Knife? We all post videos of us attempting to juggle sharp objects?
  11. Thank you cleggar! I now like you. :D
  12. You saying you didn't like me before??!!

  13. Don't be daft! I like everyone here, come to think.And i've only been here 12 days!
  14. I Don't Really Hate You - a thread for people who have got issues with each other to try and sort them out.

    Wild Horses - a nice wildlife thread where we all talk about nice pretty animals.
  15. Whole Lotta History - a thread for all the people that want a trip down memory lane, and get a bit teary too.
  16. BachelorNo2

    BachelorNo2 Guest

    Considering how transparent the Love/Hate thread has become that would probably not be a good idea. Unless maturity levels sky rocketed overnight.
  17. Well if it was done maturely then maybe it could work but I wasn't being serious anyway, couldn't think of any other 'threads'.
    And I don't understand what you're going on about in the Love/Hate thread, I'm not very clever though so I probably wouldn't pick up on anything.
  18. Poor NadineCoylesBeatch.


    Actually, I'd like some potatoes to do some painting with. I fucking love potato painting!

    When me and my friend took one of our many study breaks yesterday in uni to go get smoothies we saw this huge wall painting thing that had been done by these school kids with paints and it made me want to paint all day. All we had was highlighters though *sad face*
  20. I hate highlighters. They think they're so bloody wonderful with their fluorescent colours and thick nibs.


    Give me a crayon, anyday.
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