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Are Girls Aloud taking over Off Topic?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by poploz, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Highlighters are pretty crap, especially you use them and they're really strong and you just see orange lines all over the page even when you turn it over.

    And there was this rather 'special' child in our class in infants who wasn't allowed to use crayons for Art because he either tried to eat them or shove them into his ears for some strange reason. He left before we made it out of the infants though.
  2. He didn't leave he died. His post-mortem read "Crayola Intoxicata".

    Such a shame. Poor Timmy.
  3. BachelorNo2

    BachelorNo2 Guest

    Why are 'special' boys always called Timmy?
  4. OMG how did you know his name?!?!?111ONEZ

    Nah he had a weird name like Nathanial or something, he was very strange, his whole family was. His sister was in the class below and she gave the whole class nits.
  5. Some of them might be called Johnny too.
  6. Probably moreso since South Park.
  7. Oh yes. Nathan. Very exotic!
  8. Nathanial is a bit more exotic and weirder than Nathan! I don't like that name anyway, every Nathan I've ever met I haven't liked.
  9. I love loads of the ideas already in this thread, especially:

    Micky's Swinging ________ Town, a place for everyone to big up their town of choice.

    NadineCoylesBeatch's I Don't Really Hate You - a thread for people who have got issues with each other to try and sort them out.

    And the idea of a potato painting thread, or perhaps just an art thread, as inspired by Strawberry.

    How about 'Androgynous Girls'; a photo thread of forumers in drag. I wouldn't be participating, but I'd like to see if others would.
  10. It would be like the bit in Mean Girls where they get on the table, say they dont really hate whoever, and fall into the other girls.
  11. My bloke is called Nathan and he's ace. His brother is called Kingslea though, I always feel a bit sorry for him.
  12. ... so it could then turn into Girl Overboard, perhaps?
  13. Have you? I thought you were an oldie.
  14. Nope, i just have noooo life and post a helluva lot on here.
  15. I'm glad I have a social life outside of work as if I didn't I think my ammount of posts would be even more!! I usually only post on here during my working day. Its not bad to have a job where you are paid to post on Popjustice and speak to people on MSN.

    Milky x
  16. I just get paid to draw and not be late really.It's all good though.

    This is only the holidays, after the holidays i'll only be here at the evenings.Except on Mondays.
  17. "________(Insert Name), I don't hate you because you're fat, You're fat because I hate you"
    ^^That was one of my favourite bits of the film.
  18. Tangled_Up

    Tangled_Up Guest

    Crazy Fool - Silly things you've done that day.
    White Lies - Lies you've told. Funny ones obviously.
    Some Kind Of Miracle - Weird things that have happened.
    100 Different Ways - Ooh! A good idea! Someone has to put down a song title, then the next person says who sang that song name best (e.g. Sometimes - Siobhan or Sugababes etc.)
  19. Shameless bump of this thread, as I think we need something to take our minds off things.

    I second all the suggestions above. As they were made by me.
  20. Whole Lotta History - A tribute to Strawberry, Detective Sandy Vagina and all the other people who have left. *cry*
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