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Are the Vengaboys coming back?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by hownee, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. I heard that they are doing gigs everywhere... the four of them... is it really true? are they planning to record a new album?
  2. its 3 of the orignals and 1 new guy , i seen them in campus at glasgow , obviously they mimed to all their songs because as most people know by now it was never them that actully sung , they were goood and the place was packed because it brings back every1s memories of the good old days but as far as i know its just a 1 off tour of clubs and unis and they have no plans for a new album , if they did have plans then i think they would have sung a new single at their gigs
  3. Use like d Vengaboys...back in d day....this isa not a group id reli like 2 see make a comeback

    I say bring back d likes of:

    etc... :D
  4. to be honest steps would flop big style if they came back , like there album miss the top 40 and their single probs miss the top 10.

    Scooch and PoP! have nowhere to promote now so they would stuggle for top 40 singles.

    Vengaboys could easily return with another album load of cheesy songs that people would still buy , top 5 return if not a no.1 single and a couple of top 20 follow ups id say
  5. Samuel

    Samuel Moderator

    I walked past the Astoria awhile ago an they were playing there.
  6. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest

    Um i'm pretty sure that Kym/Kim (whatever) used to sing...
  7. I like to believe that too... she looks like that voice could come out of her if you know what I mean. But then again I was fooled by that woman out of the Real McCoy. And Corona. And Cappella.

    If they were gonna use someone else's voice though they'd surely find someone better. And they should come back, there's a place in the market for them. But does it want to be filled? I'd like to see some sort of act like them back in the charts - and not bloody Chipz or Banaroo or any other of those ridiculous German bands that give europop a bad name.
  8. I can't believe she didn't sing on the songs!!!
    Please don' tell me it wasn't Roy who did the same line on both Shalalala and Kiss (when the sun don't shine)... you know... " much with the vengaboys" or whatever he said.
  9. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest


    i thought Kim was the only real singer, and the backing vocals were done by the people who sang on Alice Deejay records.

    i always found it funny that "everything starts with a e" and "48 hours" were essentially the same song.

    there is a market for them, if they updated their sound slightly.

    only slightly mind!

    << my avatar is taken from "Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine)", which is one of the most Japanese videos ever made, haha.
  10. Yes, that's what i was trying to say, I could never understand those words... I heard that they are going to do a gig here in Brazil next year... if they come I'm going to be there... I saw them the first time they came and it was so funny, because Kym tought everyone could understand her terrible portuguese... and all the tv presenter were like: "ohh, ok... nice!"
  11. Are you on crack?
  12. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I hope so.
  13. what?!? are you feelin alright!!! The vegaboys can't even sing
    live let alone even mime to their own songs lol.

    Steps would have a majour comeback if they returned as they had alot an i mean alot of fans as you wtf sayin that they'd miss top 40 LMFAO you really need to get off what your eatin or taking bud cause Steps would trash all the other comebacks that we've had.... enoght said
  14. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest

    the vengaboys were fantastic, and need to return with a slightly edgier sound.

    chuck in some guitars and a bit of trance - and voila!
  15. Sounds quite good actully!!!!
  16. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest

    i have actually heard some europop with guitars, it's very catchy.

    i think it would be maaaahvellous!
  17. Ye most groups that are coming back now have guitars playing somewhere in their songs
  18. A post from Anita of 2 Unlimited fame:

    "Everything is cool with the DivasofDance also. We have recorded a very cool track which I hope you will hear soon. Of course we are still doing a lot of shows. Sometime ago I did a performing with Denise (Vengaboys) for the first time and it was a lot of fun. We could exchange baby stories and pictures. I will keep in touch and let you know how it all went."

    Is this fairly old news? Are any of these girls Denise?


    Anita is on the left. It is from 2 years ago though.
  19. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest

    i don't recognise her...
  20. I'm going to see them at my college in about 2 weeks. Electric Six play the night after. Bit of a wierd line up but people do seem to be genuinely interested in seeing the Vengaboys!
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