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Are You Normal?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by robots need oil, May 8, 2009.

  1. (sorry I couldn't think of a proper title)

    Don't worry, this isn't spam, just wondering really......Since a lot of people on here obviously spend a lot of time online have you built up some sort of online persona that's maybe different from yourself in real life? Or perhaps you become an exaggerated version of yourself?

    I know myself that I'm probably a lot more confident talking to people with a screen infront of my face and wouldn't dream of talking to strangers (unless drunk) just randomly in my normal, everyday life.

    So yeeeeeeeeah, are you your normal self online, completely the same in real life or different?
  2. I would say I'm the same as I am online. Except maybe a little bit less sharp on here because I think about what I say before I type.
  3. I can be a bit random and off kilter in the real world. People do genuinely wonder what the fuck i'm talking about sometimes. Theatrical. So it's roughly the same, i'd say. I'm more shy and quiet at times in the real world.
  4. I'd agree with that about myself 100%. Especially being more shy and quiet in person, I can be crazy and random but I have to know people really well to be crazy and random around them.
  5. On line I'm much more of a dick than I am in real life. It's so easy to get into arguments on forums and my writing style often leads people to think I'm being condescending or obnoxious (which I probably am).

    There's one forum I'm on where the guy who runs it hates me. He started a thread in the moderators only section just to vent his dislike. Since then I've met him a few times in real-life without him knowing who I am on his forum. He's always so excited to see me and has bought me many a pint.

    I'm quite outgoing normally though (unless it's an attractive girl when I act like a twelve year-old). I've spent a lot of time travelling by myself, so I've no problem talking pish to whoever happens to be nearby, especially when I've had a couple.
  6. More or less the same, just by a different name.

  7. potatosalad

    potatosalad Guest

    I'm the same except more mental/eccentric which is hard to show online. I will sing at the top of my voice without shame in HMV etc when a song I like is playing.
  8. I'm definitely different in the 'real world'. With the loss of body language and tone accompanying things said online it is much easier for people to take offence to things that I say. I do believe quite strongly in my own opinions, so my writing style reflects that but it seems that this sometimes leads to people getting really offended or taking it personally online. I would say that I'm more relaxed, smiley and energetic than my PJ forum persona would suggest. The amount I sometimes moan about TV shows I dislike putting a poor episode out on here is probably spot on to how I would moan about them in person, though.

    In terms of talking to strangers(!) I think it just depends on the context and setting. In some instances I'm perfectly happy to, sober or otherwise, but in others I wouldn't purely because in some places being friendly gets minterpreted as having one thing in mind and it's assumptions like that I really hate.
  9. I think I'm pretty similar. (Though, I would, obviously, like to resemble Wentworth Miller a lot more in reality)

    I'd say the only thing I amp up online is that'll I'll jump into conversations more freely - the actual me generally tends to wait for natural breaks in conversations, with the result I tend to stand around waiting to say something until it turns out to be redundant. This doesn't happen a lot, but can in larger groups of people.

    Oh yes, and regardless of how profane I am on here, I swear a lot more in the 3D world.
  10. i think twice about what i type ... just because there is no tone or twinkle in the eye ...

    but then people think i'm ott on here ,.. meh ...
  11. I suppose, as a few of you have said, it's hard to convey tone online, sometimes I come out with things that are meant to be a joke but because they're written down come out in all seriousness. I come across as a right bitch sometimes yet I am the loveliest-old lady helping-person ever!
  12. I think I'm pretty different in the 'real world'. Especially compared to how I come accross on PJ. I think it comes down to not really being able to show your personality unless you're a really good writer.

    Whenever I've asked my closest friends to describe me in the past the most used adjective is probably 'weird', which I'm fine with!
  13. people seem to oscillate between thinking i'm terribly up myself or, simply, a mumbling troublemaker who should grow up already. thankfully i have enough wonderful friends around me to encourage me to keep everything just the way it is. they're good like that.
  14. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I agree.

    I'm like a caricature of myself on here.
    I am a chronic moaner though.
  15. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    This is roughly the same for me. I'll be a bit more SHOUTY on here than I would be in real life, a bit more willing to get into conversations, a bit more willing to have a whinge.

    I think I'm just an exaggerated version of myself - in real life I'll crack the same jokes, although more people here would get them because of obscure references and such. I'm fairly open in real life, I only have to know someone a short time before I'll tell them lots about my life, and I've been quite open on here about my life at times.

    If anything, I'm more wary of getting into arguments on the forum because there's generally not a chance to sort of... get over it and forget about it. Arguments on a forum are always there, lurking in the archives. I've got to be careful about what I say because in real life much of what I say is very obviously sarcastic or a joke, but written down with no context or tone it can be quite offensive.
  16. I'd say the main difference is that I swear a lot more in real life. When I'm talking to people on here I try really hard not to piss people off too much, and if I get into arguments I consider what I say before I post.
    In real life when I'm with my friends we just take the piss out of each other constantly, and generally use the word 'cunt' far more than anyone else has ever used it.
    On here though I'm just as paranoid about people laughing at me/hating me as I am in real life. You know when you walk past a group of people and they start laughing and you assume they're laughing at you? Well on here whenever someone posts something like "I hate that certain people on this board are such twats" I always get really paranoid that they're talking about me, even though I don't really do anything interesting enough to warrant it.
  17. kal


    That pretty much sums me up too.
  18. I'm a bit different in real life - I'm shy, quiet, witty and sensitive. If I'm not being shy, then I'm either very weird or very moody.
  19. I do that all the time. It probably is me though.

    I'm extremely shy in real life, although if you do get to know me- which very few people have- I will reveal both my sarcastic and incredibly insecure side (which tends to, um, drive people away). I try to accentuate the former and eradicate the latter online, but the insecurities often pop up when I'm feeling particularly down. (So, sorry about that.) I both want attention and want to run a mile from it. But I can be funnier on here because I have time to construct what I'm saying, whereas in real life I'll be the person who thinks of a witty reply about seven hours too late.
  20. Mmm, I think my online persona is pretty similar to the real me. When I've met people face to face after meeting on here or other forums, I don't feel that I've been different. I say things that people find funny, although of course, online I have more time to think of something. I am quiet in some situations, a big group of people will make me withdraw a little, but then I am a people watcher so that's probably what I'm putting my energy into. Saying that, I sometimes have a habit of talking over people a bit because I want to put a point across or make a joke. In a strange way, people may get a truer version of me online than in real life. When I'm not smiling, I can look quite pouty and people will think I'm a moody cow.
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