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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Daniel L, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Any love for Aretha Franklin in here?

    I remember buying her Greatest Hits (double album) about ten years ago, but it didn't listen much to it. I think 40 songs was too overwhelming to start with... The other day I listened to the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack, and I love Aretha's song on there: It Hurts Like Hell. It made me want to explore her back catalogue. But where to start? I listened to snippets on iTunes yesterday, and Through The Storm seems pretty good. Which of Aretha's albums would you recommend?
  2. Aretha's catalogue is like finding treasure - it's extremely rewarding. And there is a LOT to discover.

    Obviously the Atlantic period is the starting point - I Never Loved a Man, Lady Soul, Soul '69, Amazing Grace are my favourites but there's many more.

    I love her Arista period; it's the era I became familiar with Aretha. The FunkyTownGrooves reissues of Who's Zoomin' Who and Aretha '86 are excellent.

    I would recommend these:

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  3. Great artist, great music.

    I bought an original '68 issue of Lady Soul last year.
  4. Thank you so much for your recommendations. I will check them out.
  5. Completely agree with all the above....have fun discovering!
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  6. The perfect ending to that Princess Diana compilation

  7. I feared the worst there.

    You just never know what you're going to find!
  8. Good for Aretha. She has worked well into her 70s, it's nice to see her enjoy retirement, much like Tina Turner who also recorded and toured well into her senior years.

    I saw Aretha in concert a few years ago and she was still in great voice.
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  9. Bless her. Well deserved to take a rest now.

    We'll always have her music. And this:

  10. I didn't see this posted anywhere else, so please enjoy:

    It’s well documented that there are levels to Aretha Franklin’s ability to be petty. The story begins at Whitney Houston’s funeral, when Dionne Warwick made the mistake of shading the Queen. “Ree’s not here, but she is here,” Warwick said during the service, using a nickname for Aretha. “She loves Whitney as if she were born to her. She is her godmother.” There’s the libel, according to Aretha. She was not Whitney Houston’s godmother: “Franklin said she first met Houston when Houston was a child — and she was far too busy to be anyone’s godmother,” the AP reported. Did you catch that? Aretha Franklin, goddess divine, was far too busy to be anyone’s godmother, not even Whitney Houston’s. And she sent a fax to the Associated Press to clarify this.

    Aretha wasn’t at Whitney Houston’s funeral, however (she said she was contractually obligated to perform at Radio City Music Hall that evening). She also said she didn’t feel it was appropriate to correct Warwick’s behavior at the time because of the attention surrounding Houston’s death. So for five years Aretha Franklin, player of the long game, has been biding her time. On Monday that all changed: After she had a sour interaction with Warwick at a Tribeca Film Festival event, she sent a fax to the Associated Press to set the record straight. On Tuesday, she called the AP’s offices herself to make sure they got the story straight: She was never Whitney Houston’s godmother. Dionne Warwick’s statement at the funeral was libel.

    So what happened at the Tribeca Film Festival that confirmed it was time for Aretha to snatch up this narrative? According to Aretha, Warwick approached her backstage at the festival’s Clive Davis gala. “[Warwick] said, ‘Give me a hug,’” Franklin told the AP. “I said, ‘Oh hell no. You couldn’t be serious.’” That was the final straw. “I don’t care about her apology, at this point it isn’t about an apology, it’s about libel,” Aretha Franklin told the AP. Warwick’s reps said she wouldn’t respond to Franklin’s claims.
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  11. Not only 'Queen of Soul' (and I'd say that despite her talent, she's massively overrated), but she's a Horrible woman.
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  13. K94


    She shouldn't have called her a fat Kelly Price.
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  14. I mean, the absolute pettiness of it is hilarious in itself, but the fact that she sent it by fax is the funniest thing.
  15. "Give me a hug."

    "Oh, hell no!"

  16. Also the part that I didn't realize, but thanks to Hot Topics on Wendy now I know, is that while it was public knowledge that Aretha wasn't able to attend the funeral, Dionne basically did a "and now please welcome Aretha Franklin...." and everybody clapped and all, and then Dionne said "she's not here" bahahahaha
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  17. I want to see that fax!

    I'm sure each word is loaded with shade.
  18. The associated press!! Aretha really is The Queen of reading.
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