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Ariana Grande - 6th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. It's not a struggle if you're not even trying.
  2. Luckily merch bundles don't count for the Hot 100. They have to be digital or physical copies of the single.

    This is such a tight race. It'd be amazing for her to have a 3rd song debut at #1 but I would also like to echo what people are saying in here that literally anyone but that pedo would be deserving of that top spot.
  3. I really wish this was Megan & Bey's week... Imagine defeating a child predator AND Scooter Braun AND a second week for Nicki Minaj?
  4. RMK


    Ariana cares as much about charts as anyone would. Chart achievements are great but it doesn't define her. She also has dominance on them and has proven her success already, I can see why a stand-alone Justin collaboration for COVID19 isn't about a chart battle for her.
  5. At least it gave us How I Look On You. That and Boyfriend make some cute thank u next "b sides".
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  6. She's basically fine with letting Scooter use her socials to promote her music commercially as long as it keeps him at bay out of her music and personal life. It's like people forget that years back she didn't hesitate to fire him out of her discomfort of him trying to connect her and Justin's careers through pushing romance rumors and also trying to control her personal life by trying to stop her from dating Ricky.

    Gays wanted J. Lo choreo in the desert and she gave instead a loveletter to Ricky and talked about how much she hates the "big, bougie facades" (iconic!) dddd.

    Her post about the song even makes reference to the fact that there's been outside pressure for the two of them to do an actual collab for years and her finally being down with it now that it can be done for charity.
  7. The instrumental and structure of the collaboration was driving me crazy. It’s almost a carbon copy of this album track from Camila:

  8. RMK


    Oh. Her
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  9. People are so dumb for continuing to buy these scams.

    I want both this & 6ix666 to miss the #1 spot, because A) Justin sucks as a human being & B) 6ix666 sucks as a human being, too. Then again, Dr. Luke is currently #1 so shit clearly floats, & it seems like people are more interested in typing how woke they are instead of actually living that way.

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  10. Pedophile debuted at #6, so them beating him while also not getting another #1 for Justin is kind of ideal?
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  11. Apparently the pdf file made several ig posts and went on live, accidentally revealed Ariana is likely to be #1, and exposed the Hot 100 formula, all while fuming and claiming Ari/Justin rigged it / cheated him out of his #1 cause of "radio and bundles"? Apparently Charlie Puth's nasty ass liked the post?
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  13. Can u link to the goodies?
    edit nvm got it
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  14. Not Raven inserting herself into the mess as well...
  15. Yay for Ariana saving us.
  16. I'd be more concerned about the streets turning on him than fucking Billboard but I guess we see the priorities. An iconic mess if he threatens them and gets his probation revoked dd
  17. The race for number one between this, him, and the Say So remix is all very
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. I hope Ariana is bored enough to subtweet Teriyaki. Do it queen.
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