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Ariana Grande - 6th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

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    Dangerous Woman is a fantastic Big Pop Girl album - so solid. Moonlight and Thinking Bout You are an opening and closing track combo that is beyond.
  2. Oh we’re stanning Dangerous Woman? Let’s not forget about this Vegas bop.
  3. SMG


    I span the fuck out of Dangerous Woman when it came out, but if I ever get the urge to listen to it now, I always find it... a bit of a drag? The highs are insane (Be Alright, Into You, Knew Better/Forever Boy), and I don’t actively dislike any track particularly, but I don’t think it makes much sense as an album. I almost find the tracks stand better alone kii (except Leave Me Lonely).
  4. Sometimes (available on iTunes) I think about how if she released Into You now it would go #1 and I cry a little bit.

  5. A 10. Hew else’s instant grat tracks can effortlessly snatch a quarter of a bazillion views

  6. RMK


    I've had a moment with every song on the album sans I Don't Care, and one slight dud in a sea of 8 to 10s is truly fine by me. An amazing pop project.
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  7. Actually let's discuss this highlight which is top 5 in her discography

    Those ad-libs in the last chorus. Muffy sis the excellence

    I ain't even think of leaving SOMETIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMES

  8. We got that one life
    Give me that all night
    We got that Bonnie & Clyde love
    They say it's wrong, but
    That's the way you turn me on

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  9. I think Dangerous Woman works really well as a body of work. Leave Me Lonely is definitely an outlier, and I think Let Me Love You and Greedy needed to switch places on the tracklist. But other than that, its pretty perfect. By far her best album in my opinion.
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  10. Sometimes is that cozy hug on an autumn day.
  11. "Touch It" is the best song on the album. Outro is glorious.

    Even worked well with dance remixes:
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  12. It took a while for this to click with me but now it's definitely a required listen. Easy, breezy, beautiful Ari.
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  13. Me being on the fence with this but then this happened and BOPPP

    Also Touch It remains Ari Top 2 whatever she releases.
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  14. Dangerous Woman still holds up pretty well for me. Like another poster has said, if Into You was released now that she’s a Big Pop Girl, it would be a huge #1 smash. Is it true that she said she doesn’t really enjoy a lot of the Dangerous Woman album?
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  15. R92


    I HAVE

  16. She said these during the Sweetener era:

  17. Ah that’s it! Thank you for clarifying.
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  18. My aunt just sent me a memory yesterday of the Dangerous Woman tour in Dublin (she's only a few years older than me so we basically grew up together) and it reminded me of how good that show was, but all because of the album it was supporting.

    I'm going in now for 55 minutes of whistling notes I could never hit, chair dancing and a potential cry.
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  19. Other than Break Free I’d never been particularly interested in Ariana’s music pre-Dangerous Woman which is bustling with bops. My personal faves continue to be Be Alright, Into You, and Dangerous Woman.

    But, above all, I’ll never ever forget how she handled that devastating event with such incredible grace. No one could have ever foretold such a tragedy derailing what had up until that point been a flawlessly executed tour and album campaign. Ariana and her team should continue to feel proud of how they responded - especially with the incredible benefit concert that took place just weeks later.

    I truly believe that event, Ariana’s response and how it has influenced her music since then (especially No Tears Left To Cry as the first single following) has cemented her status as the stand out artist / big pop girl amongst her peers.

    I’m truly excited to see where she goes next with her sixth album. Between the songs featured on Sweetener and Thank U, Next I think there was one truly great album, with some filler. I hope she maybe mixes things up a bit for the next album and I’m confident she’ll deliver. I desperately want more bops, naturally, but I’d also be intrigued if she releases a couple of songs that allow her to unleash the full power of her vocals.

    Consider me perched, Miss Grande.
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