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Ariana Grande - 6th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. In anticipation of Rain On Me, I've been revisiting Ariana's albums for the first time in a while (I kinda needed a breather after hammering sweetener and thank u, next for a solid year) and she snatched me clean-ass bald all over again. We're lucky to have her in pop music.
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  2. RJF


    "Into You" still being a multi-platinum hit despite Ariana hating it and its ugly big sister trying to eat it on radio. That's talent.
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  3. She hates Into You? That’s so depressing. Every time she comes out with another sung talk drum loop mumblefest I wonder how it’s the same artist who gave us Into You. It’s her best song by a mile.
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  4. Oh sis don’t do all that
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  5. This new Ariana song is great!

    Would love for Gaga to return the favor and give us another banger for Ariana's album.
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  6. Muffy sis the dog whistling
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  7. Just spending a little bit of time thinking about my cousin’s girlfriend who was at the concert three years ago today. I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone on here that the famous picture of the girl with the injured leg and ripped jeans being helped by the emergency services is actually her. Thankfully she’s made a full physical recovery, although obviously the memories remain.

    I think this new song and its video is totally fitting for the anniversary. Dancing your pain away in the most euphoric way possible.
  8. If whatever Ariana does next draws a bit from Rain On Me, I'll be very pleased. I'm so bored of her trap-lite songs.
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  9. I think Thank U Next is largely fantastic, so I have no problem with her continuing further down an r&b route (since its also clearly what she likes more) but she sounds so good on Rain On Me that I would love a 90's dance diva album someday down the line.
  10. I would love for her to go full pop again! She sounds so fucking good on Rain On Me that I need another banger from her!
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  11. If Thundercat really is on board for the next album, we're in good hands.
  12. I agree with Ari in that the r&b leaning stuff is where she really shines and it's what I want from her anyway, but like @Drew said she sounds so delicious over dance tracks so if she could throw us a couple collabs/proper remixes I'd be happy.
  13. I never take stock in whatever she says to tease the next album. Remember Scooter saying it was time for her to give us "timeless" (or whatever he said) songs like Whitney Houston had and then we got fucking Sweetener? She's a studio rat who is always tinkering so every album takes many shapes before it comes out. I just know whatever she releases, I'll like, 'cause I always do.

    I too would love more dance though hehe
  14. I'd love a diva big vocal album from Ariana as long as there's interesting production attached.
  15. I don't necessarily mind that she stays clear of productions like 'Rain On Me', but I would definitely love to hear her tackle more often production with this huge sense of grandeur to them, such as 'God is a woman' and 'Bad Idea'.
  16. Ff Scooter saying this and then hearing Pharrell yelping all over the album..

  17. I mean, Pharrell doesn't seem to age, so that's "timeless."
  18. She looks so good with her hair down styled like the Dangerous Woman video or the Rain on Me video. It should be LAW that she has it like that honestly

  19. thank u, next is a great album and works very well as a body of work. My main fear for her next album would be that she goes too far down that lane and we end up with a album full of Stuck with U’s.
  20. RJF


    I'm listening to Dangerous Woman for the first time in ages and how did I let myself forget about the key change for the final chorus in "Greedy"?! I was bopping, then the production stepped back a little bit, those drums came in and then I remembered, reader. I remembered.



    Then I skipped the Gollum collab and was reminded of "Everyday"

    HE GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeEeEeEeEeeeeee

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