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Ariana Grande - 6th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. She sounds absolutely divine on Rain on Me.

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    Imagine Ariana on any of the new Jessie Ware tracks.....................I'm bald
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  3. Now that you've put this out into the universe, I need it, but...

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  4. The way her voice consistently manages to shock and awe me this far into her career/my standom.

    Has her voice ever sounded better than on Rain On Me? Every single one of those belts reduced me to a smoldering pile of ash.
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    Whew she does big bop bangers so well
  6. Every time I hear this song, I'm reminded of that post on here that said that she sounds like she's being attacked by parakeets in the chorus.
  7. Ariana sounds so glorious of Rain On Me. Her voice really shines around such epic production.
  8. I would like another ballad or two in the vein of “Imagine.” I think that’s my favorite Ariana studio vocal. I agree that she really knows her way around a dance pop vocal, but I think her next project will probably be her most R&B since she’s going to have even more creative freedom.
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  9. I was listening randomly to Tinashe’ Aquarius yesterday and couldn’t help but think how good Ariana would sound on some of it, like Feels Like Vegas and Pretend
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  10. Just seen that she’s posted links to some covid relief organisations on her instagram story, including one based in Manchester. She’s such a class act.
  11. She's gonna sing about her punani over a beat and y'all are gonna WHAT? Love it.

  12. I am dying for them to work together but Link Up seemingly being Ariana's fave Tinashe song doesn't give me high hopes.
  13. Those Chainsaw Synthsand maximalist approach to most of the production serving Born This Way teas. Legends only.
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