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Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Oh fuck...I just found three seated tickets for Saturday's show.

    Block F Row 28. My friends wanna go too but we're all SO broke.

    HMMMMMMM. Help.
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  2. Never mind they're all poor and can't afford it.

  3. The Greedy bills are a fantastic idea. I snatched a few myself!

    My only complaint(s) from the whole show are the lack of levels on the stage. She's so small you can hardly see her. There was no alcohol being served in Amsterdam either which literally killed me. Also the new versions of Problem and Break Free need to die and realistically the features on Love Me Harder and Problem were missed too.

    She was outstanding obviously. Her voice was incredible and I loved the way she played with the audience (getting them to scream for her for 5 minutes straight whilst she just said thank you and delivered her doe eyes) QUEEN.

    Thinking About You, Touch It and Into You were the best moments really. Be Alright was a fantastic opener as well. (Focus also popped off in a live setting). The tour visuals were also so pretty but I just wished there was more to the actual stage.

    And I was really let down that she didn't do Break Free justice. It's the song that really sold me on Ariana. I don't mind switching up old hits by any means, but to change perfection just upsets me.

    I'd definitely go to see her again though and too anyone that's going over the next few weeks you'll literally have the best time.
  4. I think they're still missing part of the stage production for the European leg.

    For example, there's lifts/pillars used in songs that they don't seem to have yet for Europe.

    Forever Boy in Amsterdam -

    Bad Decisions in Amsterdam -

    Forever Boy in New York -

    Bad Decisions in New York -
  5. RJF


    Yeah I'm so glad she didn't come to my city now!!!!
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  6. I'm pretty sure they were there? She's just so small it's really hard to see here dddddd
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  7. Oh, I know some people who complained about them not being there and the stage being barren besides the steps (which replaced the lifts in the Forever Boy performance above) so assumed they weren't.
  8. To be fair Be Alright snatched me so hard you're probably right. I think after seeing Rihanna on tour (lord this was years ago) when she had a pink tank and so much going on I just expected more.

    I appreciate the more stripped back set for more focus on the music/visuals and her. But next time I'd love to see the set pieces just be stepped up a little.

    ALSO poor ha having to spin class her way through Side To Side. Great idea in theory but honestly it just gave me VMAs flashbacks (all be it with better vocals).
  9. Oh my god we changed our minds and tickets are gone.

    Help fam. There were a few different options for threes last night and now I'm not even getting one.
  10. Just a short 9 days until I'm gonna be 6th row for this.

    Add All My Love to the setlist please
  11. Yeah, this was the gist of this lukewarm review: "musically you can't fault her, visually she's way below par".
  12. I was wondering why she had stopped using the lift during Be Alright?! However she manages to use it during Side to Side still?
  13. Does anyone know if they're selling this poster at the merch stands on the European leg?
  14. @Laurence bought it a few days ago so yes.
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  15. I wasn't prepared for this show to be so goddamn colourful!
    Absolutely loved it.

  16. Which one of you threw a wig on stage during Into You?
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  17. Same teebs.
    Great reviews, beautiful reviews
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  18. I bought the last two so no not any more. They are not signed if you buy them.
    Just kidding. It looks beautiful on my wall!

    @Vasilios i can post myself thank you stop stealing likes!
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  19. WHAT?! Amazing.
    Which one of you was the angry, bored man behind me who kept pushing me in the back when I tried to dance? (But gave up after a few songs)
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  20. Yes! A friend of my friends' boyfriend works at the venue and got me one.
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