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Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 5, 2017.

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  1. AXW


    I don't want to give Piers any attention, because that's all he is really looking for, and doesn't deserve.

    Ariana on the other hand, continues to be courageous, inspiring and strong. I did not expect her to do this considering what happened, and how hard it would be for her to do. I'm really touched by her humanity and so proud to call myself a fan today.
  2. It's interesting how times like this show people for who they really are. So many have reached out with love and empathy this week, shown how deeply affected they feel. And then there are those who have spouted their vile and ignorant opinions, so desperate for attention, it's despicable.

    Ariana's response couldn't be more beautiful or appropriate. She's obviously an intelligent and empathetic woman.
  3. Piers is a cunt, end of.
    I loved the actual Queen saying she's a good singer! Queen stanning a Queen
  4. So weird when I seen the Queen made that comment, my immediate thought was "for this one moment, the world is right"
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  5. They remembered the two from Gateshead by letting off yellow balloons (Courtney’s favourite colour) at the Angel of the North. Beautiful.
  6. I've never really been interested in Ariana bar liking a couple of singles, but since this I fee very warm towards her and have been listening to her catalogue quite a lot. Isn't it both weird and totally obvious how intrinsically linked our taste and our emotional state is?
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  7. What a lovely response. That must've been challenging letter to write, but I think she's got it spot on.

    Not sure what Planet Mr Morgan's living on?!? though she's not gone to the hospital because she's such a diva?? not like our dear old queen???!! He's fucking nuts!! Can he get the sack along with Katie Hopkins please!
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  8. Rem


    This is so beautiful. It really breaks my heart, and the beginning of the song is just magical.

    I've never been to a concert before unfortunately, but judging by people's views about it. It's supposed to be a magical thing. Something that allows you to escape from the real world and it's problems. For something like this to happen is truly devastating and heart breaking. The experience of a concert should never be taken away from somebody. Its violating and attacking the freedom of people for what they love and hold dear to. This attack wasn't just on the victims and the injured, it was on us and everyone else who loves pop music.

    It's sad that things like these bring everyone together, but I'm not allowing these inhumane people to take away our freedom. This attack won't stop me from going to my first concert, and it shouldn't stop anyone else too. We can't let these people win. Not today, not tomorrow. As for Ariana, what a strong and intelligent woman she is. I hope she gets through it. She's just as much a victim as anyone else in this, and I would love my first concert to be the fundraising one she's holding in Manchester. Such a lovely gesture.
  9. GLC


    The thing that kills me about dickweeds like Pizzle Morgan throwing shade at Ari for not being at the hospital is that you know that if she had gone there, they'd have dumped on her for not allowing the injured people to recover in peace with their families or some other reason. She literally can't win with these ageist misogynists.
  10. She was in a lose/lose situation. If she stayed and visited those in hospital, people would scream PR stunt.
    Personally I think she done the right thing, she's a victim in this attack along with everyone who attended, I couldn't even imagine what's going through her head and everyone else's. It's heartbreaking.
  11. Yeah or, something like ''how dare Ariana make it all about her. Who does she think she is. These people have more important issues to deal with now.'' She can never win. He is scum.
  12. He's lucky not be sitting behind bars. Bloated pig.

    The US couldn't even stand him and deported his sorry ass. I think he's still butthurt over that one.
  13. Sorry if someone has answered this further back. On Ticketmaster it says refunds happening automatically. I presume this means the London dates are not being rescheduled? My daughter is very keen to go just as we had planned (we had a day at London Zoo instead yesterday as I was keen we still travelled to and around London). I think Ariana is responding to all of this quite beautifully by the way.
  14. The important thing that idiots like Piers Morgan forget is Ariana was also a victim of this. It was her concert, people were there only to see her, and the amount of misplaced guilt and responsibility she must have felt in the days after would have been debilitating. Yes, it might have been nice to see her visit her fans, but she has to recover too.
  15. White Straight Man entitlement to say what the hell he wants. Why is someone so devoid of talent everywhere?

    Her letter was so touching and I feel a much bigger fan after all this and hopefully one day I'll get to see her in concert.

    By that info, that would mean June 4th.
    It could also mean June 11th, but if the remaining European dates are not cancelled, she has a show in Lisbon that day, meaning the 4th would line up with what TMZ is reporting.
  17. Nothing confirmed but the benefit will apparently take place on Sunday June 4th and Live Nation is organising everything.
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  18. MB


    Without wanting to sound awful I hope it doesn't turn into another "capital fm summertime ball" I was hoping it was just going to be Ariana and not ed Sheehan and the vamps.
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  19. Makes sense to do it sooner rather than later as the families need the money and proceeds now to cover everything.

    So proud of Ariana the way she has handled herself in all this and may the victims and their families find peace.
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  20. I guess it will be either at the cricket ground or at City's ground?

    Probably City's seeing as there is a testimonial match on at Old Trafford football ground that day and they're a bit close?

    That's if the date is correct.
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