Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine

Speculation is rampant that the lead single is coming very soon, like after Christmas soon, and not just because of this tweet:

While her sponge man is busy with Spamalot, Queen has been posting studio pictures, frustratingly muted studio videos, getting new management, and ensuring that the the other girls see her galavanting all over New York City with Max Martin.

It would also be pretty much the one opportunity she has to get out music before she is sucked into two years of Wicked commitments good Lord help us all.

Another possible hint:

(watch this be Lauren Jauregui or something)
Given Max's recent output this doesn't inspire me with that much confidence but Ari has great quality control so I'm perched.
*Clicks watch thread*

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Given her Wicked schedule, I was worried we’d be waiting…forever for new music. She’s very efficient in the studio, so it appears this is ready to go at the top of the year. I’m ready.
Her boyfriend making a 'Ceasefire Now' post right before her new era... maybe she's not a girl's girl, but she's a clever girl!