Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine


I accidentally listened to the censored version first and between the weird mixing and the way the swearing is poorly cut in the chorus I thought I was listening to an actual AI cover

I think this was just a bad choice for a collab from the get go, I mean, the original song is like 90% spoken word
Such a disappointing result of a collab that really could’ve been a major moment. I absolutely agree that this was the wrong type of song for them to work together on - wouldn’t Madonna have been the more logical choice considering how Vogue inspired the track already is? Ari could’ve used Mariah for a smooth R&B jam, a power ballad, a full on house banger, but this track… just wasn’t it.
Yeah, not sure when it was recorded but given the track’s falling down the charts everywhere
Not to be that girly but can we address that this is not really accurate?

Its chart run in the US is serving this generation's Hold It Against Me, but the song is performing just fine in most of Europe, where it debuted higher than Positions in most countries. It's still Top 10 in the UK, for example.

She probably honestly should have brought back the geo-specific single release.
Her US streams for "yes, and?" account for something like less than 20% of its global Spotify streams.

The US said:
It was always gonna be an uphill battle for this type of song in the US. I think it’s great that she decided to release it nonetheless and it even got her yet another cute #1 to add to her collection. This whole “flop” narrative is so ridiculous. I’m sure there are a lot of artists out there who’d kill for a “flop” like this.
This mess reminds me that, once again, Xtina was ahead of her time when she was added to that Gaga tune which felt like a superstar singing karaoke on someone else's hit.
I'm not hearing what you gorls are and I refuse to get my ears checked because this sounds heavenly to me! Two incredible voices harkening back to some of Mimi's best 90's remixes over those delicious house beats. I actually love the way Mariah's vocals come in hot and sort of take lead. It gives the track some oomph! It would have been boring if she simply matched Ari's tone and was just on ad-lib duty or something and the way their voices compliment each other keeps it from oscillating into out-singing one another territory. This is the definitive version for me.
Just heard this on the radio, and it seemed to make a lot more sense as an actual produced record. Whatever that means. I don't even know. I love it.