Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine

Most songs are almost 3 minutes, a classic pop song length. I don't see the problem. Yes, and? is literally around 30 seconds longer than most of these songs. There were complaints about its long intro when it was released, but even without that it doesn't feel like a short song. It's pop, 35 minutes is a perfect length.
He / Him / His
Yeah, sans the two actual interludes and I guess ‘i wish i hated you’, these all comfortably round up to the three minute mark so I think the “interludes” label across the board is doing too much.
As soon as I see a length beginning with the dreaded 2 it just makes me think "oh that's going to glaringly miss a needed repeat of the chorus at the end" or "well that will need a bridge".

I totally get that it is a me thing and not many people are too bothered by it, but usually one of those cases is correct and it's a glaringly obvious omission dd.
Ultimately it's down to the individual song. If it does everything it needs to in order to convey the emotion, highlight the production, show a vocal and melodic range and does it in 2:40? Great! I think that's hard to do that consistently across an entire album, is all. You're left with songs that feel like incomplete thoughts. Ariana's music has been immersive in the past and I like that she creates distinct moods. You have less time to do that in successfully shorter durations.
I think when I listen to some older tracks going 4+ minutes, I can tell that some production elements were added after the core idea of the song has been established. However, usually those are some of my favorite parts - song going places you wouldn't expect. I feel like nowadays there is a little incentive to do that, so the songs end up feeling a bit less grand and full.