Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine

The boy is mine
I can't wait to try him
Let's get intertwined
The stars, they aligned

My first listen faves are definitely the more commercial / accessible tracks like true story, the boy is mine and we can't be friends but I already know the rest will be a grower for me. There's a lot to unpack here, from the lyrics to both the vocal and track productions, and I love how intricate and measured it all is.
This really is a home run for Ariana. Supernatural easily the standout for me, but there are no skips. Definitely a lot more instant than Positions which I found really samey.
Okay I've only had the chance to listen to this once, but I need to write a lengthy review here later because...I have a lot of thoughts!
I think I need a bit more time with it but it feels like quite a pivot from the Tommy Brown and Victoria Monet sound which I love and has been all over her last few releases. Also her voice is definitely a bit more musical theatre now, her diction has really improved which is taking some getting used to. The second half of the album caught my attention more, especially 'We Can't Be Friends' and 'I Wish I Hated You'. Cute how the outro of 'ordinary things' having her Nonna talking kind of harks back to both her Grandparents on 'Daydreamin' 10 years ago!